Lüttich Bastogne Lüttich

the Radrennen Lüttich Bastogne Lüttich (Liège Bastogne Liège) is the oldest still delivered a daily running and among the five so-called Monumenten of the cycle racing is ranked.

Running leading by the wallonischen part of Belgium for the first time 1892 were started and carry therefore the honour name La Doyenne (the oldest one). That annually endApril taking place running was until 2004 part ten running of the comprehensive wheel Worldcup. After its abolishment it belongs to a series of the most important Radrennen of the yearly starting from 2005 to the again introduced UCI pro route.

Lüttich - Bastogne - Lüttich applies due to its very hilly profile by thosewallonischen Ardennen as one of the heaviest classical authors in the cycle racing. The routing changes from year to year only insignificantly. Above all the second part approx. 250 km are enough running lead across several relatively short, however steep rises (Côtes), the often run-crucialA character have. The Côte de la Redoute is most famous. The goal is at an upward gradient in to, Italian dominated quarter of Lüttich.

Most victories with „the Doyenne “Eddy Merckx has to exhibit, which won five times between 1969 and 1975 altogether.The two only German winners so far were Hermann Buse 1930 and Dietrich Thurau 1979.

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