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Lucyan David mechanical one (* 18. January 1937 in Auburn, New York) is a behavior researcher, who made important contributions to understand the way of life and to the behavior of freely living wolves.

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Dave mechanical one studied until 1958 nature protection at the Cornell university in Ithaca and completed 1962 its doctor exam on the area of the game animal ecology to the Purdue University, Lafayette. Itis and. A. since 1979 Assistenzprofessor in the department for ecology and behavior biology (Dept. OF Ecology and Behavioral Biology) of the university of Minnesota and is busy with the Biological Resources division OF the U.S. Geological Survey (formerly: Division OF EndangeredSpecies Research, And. S. Fish and would game-run service) in the Northern Prairie would game-run Research center, Jamestown, North Dakota.

vocational working

its research work is concerned with the behavior and the ecology of wolves, particularly with the so-called „Robber booty relationship “(better: Wolf booty animal reciprocal effect) and the population development. Besides it was concerned with the social behavior within a wolf herd.

Since 1968 Dave mechanical one in the Superior investigates national Forest, Minnesota, the development dynamism of the wolf population and their influence on the Rotwild- Existence. In the same way it is active since 1986 in Canada on Ellesmere Iceland. Since 1997 it examines besides the reciprocal effects of wolves and moose in the Yellowstone national park.

Its results contributed to lighten the plateful understanding of the wolfto recognize and it as an important component of the natural habitat. Dave mechanical one supports the renaturalization of the wolf also actively into areas, from which he disappeared by human measures.


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