LZ 104

LZ 104 was the build number German navy of a zeppelins in the First World War. Its tactical number was L 59. The first travel found to 10. October 1917 instead of.

LZ 104 was built particularly for the discharge of the troop in German East Africa in the First World War. All parts of the airship were to be reused for the field operation of the troops. The sleeve could be converted for example to tents.

In November 1917 the airship of Jamboli started in Bulgaria with goods in the weight of 15.000 kg on board, in order to supply the German troop in East Africa with urgently needed supply. After messages that the situation of the troop under the guidance of lieutenant colonel Paul von Lettow Vorbeck was offering no prospects, it turned around LZ 104, after it had put back already well three-quarter the distance. During the flight placed the airship, which support-gets a long-distance record under the command of captain second lieutenant, up. In 95 hours travel time put LZ back 104 a distance of 6757 km.

In the further process of the war LZ threw 104 6350 kg off of bombs. To 7. He fell April 1918 from an unsettled cause during an attack travel against Malta over the road of Otranto into the Mediterranean.

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“Aspects for the Africa travel navy of the airship L 59” of Dr. Karl William shepherd


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