La Grotta di Trofonio

La Grotta di Trofonio (dt. The cave of the Trofonio) is a Opera comica in two documents of Antonio Salieri. It is based on a text of Giovanni Battista Casti. The premiere found to 12. October 1785 in the castle theatre in Vienna instead of.

After the failure of first co-operation Salieris with Lorenzo Ponte the composer turned there to its opponents Casti, which should write still three further Libretti for Salieri beside the Trofonio:

all opera texts Castis one meets e sow-Irish elements, in La Grotta di Trofonio particularly to the fear particularly grassierende to the time of origin before Übersinnlichem is alluded. Salieri answers expressed to the linguistically turned, but somewhat templateful working collecting main Castis with one, colorful music fine-intimate, which makes a substantial contribution for the development of musical character design of the Protagonisten. Particularly the thought out employment of the Holzbläser is remarkable (e.g. one only of two English horns and bassoon accompanied Cavatine). For the ironisierten description of the Übersinnlichen Salieri sets distinctive orchestra colors (e.g. in the tri tonus tuned bass drums) and a man choir singing behind the scene (Coro spirti dentro la grotta).

The opera enjoyed after the premiere of largest likingness immediately: the score appeared still in the year to the premiere with Artaria in the pressure, in numerous translations the work in completely Europe was after-played; over individual airs are whole variation cycles.

After very sporadic performances in more recent time (among other things ) the work experienced 1974 in Neapel and 1975 in Verona 2005 in Lausanne and Poissy an extremely successful szenische revival, in Vienna is in the same year a konzertante performance to be registered.


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