Ladislav Čepelák

Ladislav Čepelák (* 25. June 1924 in Veltrusy; † 9. October 2000 in Prague), was a Czech painter, commercial artist and Ilustrator.

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it studied art (AVU) in Prague among the professors V. at the academy for screen end. Rada, V. Silovský, whose assistant became later he, V. Nechleb and J. Želibský.

1964 he is assigned the line of the graphic workshop. 1967 one appoints Čepelák the lecturer in the specialist area graphics, twenty years later the professor. After the samtenen revolution, he returns his honors national artists and earned teachers . it receives 1995 as first artists the Vladimír Boudník price.


graphic sheets developed for work since 1948 usually in the cycle of several years. It uses differently graphic techniques, nearly all in black-and-white. Its graphics, to a large extent nature pictures, are manufactured in self-work in the low pressure. 1964 to 1966 two collections, which concerned themselves with the changes in nature, appeared. It illustrated also books. It did not adhere however to contents. Its one in the Prager national gallery and private collections in Tschechien find pictures and abroad.

Numerous its pupil, which he trained, call themselves today as Čepelákovci.


  • Veltruský park (1949 - 1951)
  • Krajiny z Povltaví (1952 - 1955)
  • Slánská krajina (1961 - 1963)
  • Tání (1964 - 1965)
  • Pavučiny, 1963 - 1966).
  • Motýlí křídla
  • Ptačí hnízda
  • poles
  • Sněhové brázdy
  • Slézy
  • Motýlí křídla
  • Mračna
  • Tání
  • Horizonty


  • Slovník Českých A slovenských výtvarných umělců, Ostrava, 1999


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