Lady Godiva

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This article describes the German volume. To the anglo-saxon noble one of the 11. Century, see Godiva

lady Godiva is ethnic German volume from North Rhine-Westphalia, who was created 1994 as liquor idea on a birthday celebration. At the beginning of a pure Irish Folk Kombo, flow into the 7-köpfige volume today influences from Punk, Polka, Ska or also Country . Their most well-known title is „One whisky “, which is present on various Samplern around 1995.

Starting from 1998 those arose to volume on various skirt and Folk festival in Germany and Switzerland.

Table of contents



  • (1996) whisky you're the devil
  • (1998) valley OF Kings and Boozers
  • (2001) talks type character Day
  • (2003) Zooperation


  • (2000) Unknown Stuntman
  • (2003) Weihnachtsbäckerei


  • (2004) DVD drink thanks Dangle - live one

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