Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Maria lurks Casta (* 11. May 1978 in Pont Audemer, France) is a French top model. She works also as an actress. Laetitia Casta spent its childhood in normandy. It visited Korsika with its parents frequently, from where its father Dominique Casta comes. There she was discovered with 15 years by a photographer that Paris agency Madison Models „“. Internationally became it admits inch with a frontispiece for the magazine „“.

1999 were selected Casta of the French mayors as Model forthe Mariannen “- Büsten of the next decade. Vorgängerin was since 1985 an actress Catherine Deneuve.

In the autumn it brought a daughter to 2001 to the world with the name Sahteene Sednaoui. The father is Stéphane Sednaoui. It expects its second child in October 2006. Father is an Italian actor Stefano Accorsi.


  • Fille aux yeux d'or, La (2005)
  • Luisa Sanfelice (2004) TV series
  • of Errance (2003)
  • Rue plaisirs (2002)
  • of the Âmes of fortes, Les (2001)
  • Gitano (2000)
  • the blue bicycle (2000) TV series
  • of Asterix and Obelix against Cäsar (1999)


  • Laetitia Casta and Roberto di Caro: Laetitia Casta (OT: Laetitia Casta). Edition Olms, Hombrechtikon/Zurich 1999, ISBN 3-283-00372-6

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