Landau in the Pfalz

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Wappen von Landau
Lage der kreisfreien Stadt Landau in der Pfalz in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Circle-free city
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 11 ′ 58 " N, 8° 7 ′ 23 " O
49° 11 ′ 58 " N, 8° 7 ′ 23 " O
height: 142 m and. NN
Surface: 82.94 km ²
inhabitants: 41.950 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 506 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 76801-76829 (old: 6740)
Preselection: 06341
Kfz characteristics: LD
municipality key: 07 3 13 000
city arrangement: 7 local parts
of the city administration:
Market route 50
76829 Landau in the Pfalz
Website: City Landau
mayor: Dr. Christof Wolff (CDU)

Landau in the Pfalz is a circle-free city as well as seat of the district southern crying race in the Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

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geographical layer

the city is in the lowlandses of the Upper Rhine because of the edge of the Pfälzerwaldes.

city arrangement

toothe quarters count refuge beside the actual city with the development area: Arzheim, dam home, Godramstein, Mörlheim, Mörzheim, nut village, Queichheim and Wollmesheim.

  • Mörlheim counts 1017 inhabitants (conditions 1999). It was mentioned for the first time documentary in the year 800.1937 became Mörlheim after Landau in in common December.
  • Queichheim was probably created Cogin or Cogo by a Franconia named Cogich, there in old handwriting of the abbey white castle from that 7. Century always of a Cogichheim or a Cogisheim the speech is. Also onSecurity of bordering probability was meant with this designation the today's Queichheim. Finds were made by stone coffins with the excavation of the excavation for the today's Evangelist church in the year 1769, leave on a settlement in the Merowingerzeit (7. - 8. Century) close. Laterthe above-mentioned name, which the inhabitants without meaning was, may have been converted into Queichheim (village to the Queich). In the oldest document the donation of the Daumühlen lain with Queichheim is by bishop Guntram von Speyer to that Monastery Hördt registers. Later a Diether of Queichheim in the place had hundred years a castle. Until 1274 the Landau understood in developing belonged to the Pfarrei Queichheim. Since 1937 Queichheim as well as Mörlheim is a quarter landfrom. At the beginning of the yearly2004 count Queichheim of approximately 3,100 inhabitants.
  • Wollmesheim became 1972 in in common December and lies to the west of Landau.


market place in the Landauer city center

1274 got Landau municipal rights of king Rudolf I. of having castle. The same raised the city1291 into the rank of a realm city. 1324 were pawned the realm city to the bishop von Speyer. Only 1511 became it by emperors Maximilian I. again released and the Vogtei Hagenau subordinates. 1521 stepped Landau of the Dekapolis, the Elsässi ten-standard ware,. 1525 broke belonging village off, nut village, the Pfälzi farmer war in one today to Landau .

The Westfäli peace led 1648 to the transfer of far parts of the Elsass at France. Landau and the other cities of the Elsass remained formally German, became howeverof the realm in the pass calmly. The Dekapolis was too weak, in order to maintain ground against the sun king Ludwig XIV. Thus Landau belonged starting from 1680 with the entire Elsass to France. It was developed 1688 to 1691 from Vauban to the fortress.The city topography was changed after a fire. Assumptions that the fire was put on behalf the French master of building of fortresses, could be never proven. With the new building developed straight roads, right-angled building squares and the market place.

Spanish succession war: The French fortress Landauchanged several times to complex FE storages the owner. 1702 replaces the imperial ones the Frenchmen, 1703 recovers the Frenchmen Landau after the battle at the Speyerbach, 1704 becomes Landau again imperially. 1713 are besieged in Landau Karl Alexander of Württemberg andthe Frenchmen recover their fortress finally.

As in the rest of France prevailed starting from 20. July 1789 the French revolution in Landau. Also 1814, after the first victory in the war of liberation over Napoleon, remained Landau first French. By the Viennese congressLandau came with the remaining Pfalz 1816 at Bavaria, after she stood starting from 1815 under Austrian administration. Landau was now federal fortress.

After first and the Second World War Landau was again French garrison town, as part of the occupation of the Rhine countryuntil 1930 and as part of the French occupied zone after 1945. After the Federal Republic of Germany after the entry into force that Paris contracts to 5. May 1955 sovereign had become, was regulated the stationing by the NATO troop statute. 1999 pulled the last French soldiersfrom Landau off.


town councillor

Stadtratswahl of 13. June 2004

  • CDU 39.2% (- 3.4) - of 17 seats (- 2)
  • SPD 30.3% (- 6.4) - 13 seats (- 3)
  • the Green 10.3% (+2,1) - 5 seats (of +1)
  • free voters community9.6% (+1,0) - 5 seats (+1)
  • FDP 6.1% (+6,1) - 3 seats (+3)
  • independent citizens' forum 4.5% (+0,5) - 2 seats (=)

partnerships between cities

culture and objects of interest

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  • festival hall


  • Landauer Kutschen cabinet
  • house Mahla archives and museum
  • Strieffler house
  • Landauer city archives


  • catholic:

Christian king, Hl.Cross, Maria Ascension Day (Queichheim), pc. Aegidius (Mörzheim), pc. Albert (southwest), pc. Elizabeth (refuge), pc. George (Arzheim), pc. Maria, St. Martin (Mörlheim), pc. Mauritius (Wollmesheim), pc. Jetty min (Godramstein)

  • Protestant:

Pin church (city center), Johanneskirche (refuge), Lukaskirche (refuge), matte house church (southwest), Prot. Church dam home, Prot. ChurchGodramstein, Prot. Church Mörlheim, Prot. Church Mörzheim, Prot. Church nut village, Prot. Church Queichheim, Prot. Church Wollmesheim

  • other churches/communities:

Adventisten, oldcatholic church, Christian municipality, Evangelist-freechurch municipality, free Christian municipality, Neuapostoli church, independent one Evangelical-Lutheran church, A witness Jehovas

of buildings

  • German gate
  • French gate
  • away (remainders of the fortification)
  • Galeerenturm
  • old department store
  • of Böcking palace
  • art nouveau festival hall
  • franc Loeb house
  • struggle race architecture
  • mansion Streccius
  • law courts
  • municipal library
  • accomodation Chopin
  • mansion bank
  • at 44
  • Schlöss'l
  • Marienkirche
  • Augustinerkirche with cloister and cross garden
  • Pin church
  • Katharinenkapelle


  • Goethe park
  • Schillerpark
  • east park
  • cross garden
  • southwest park
  • north park
  • Fortanlage

regular meetings

  • Benefizkonzert Hans Rosenthal donation
  • Landauer of discussions
  • celebration feather-white
  • Landauer summer
  • May and autumn market
  • of the Goetheparkplaudereien
  • Landauer restaurant economics
  • weekly market (Tuesday and Saturday)
  • La.Meko Filmfestival (November)

economics and infrastructure


Landau lie traffic-favorably in the overlap sector of the Metropolregion Rhine Neckar and the technology region Karlsruhe. The Landau with three connection points serving A 65 (LD-north; LD-center; LD-south), B 10 and those B 38 are the most important freeways. The routistic crying race at the foot of the Pfälzer of forest lies in direct proximity.

public mechanisms

state institutions

law courts

educational facilities

thosethe emphasis of the courses of studies has 1990 created University of Koblenz Landau lies here in the ranges teacher formation, educating science, psychology as well as social and environmental science in Landau a Campus. Came out the university from the educate-scientific university Rhineland-Palatinate (EWH). In the winter semester 2004/2005 were approx.5.000 studying at the Campus Landau registers.

Landau has due to the large catchment area three national High Schools (max Slevogt, petrol cock and Eduard jumping he High School) and a private catholic Mädchenschule with Gymnasial and material school branch (Maria Ward school). In addition come a hauptschule (hauptschule west - school in away),dual a high school, two six-form high schools (Konrad Adenauer six-form high school, Priv. Maria Ward six-form high school), national professional training school, one scientific technical school and eleven primary schools, under it a private Montessori school. The school offer is rounded off by five special schools in different adjustments.

Leisure and sports sites

  • zoo Landau in the Pfalz
  • Reptilium, Terrarien and desert zoo, Landau
  • Südpfalz stadium
  • open-rir swimming pool
  • leisure time swimming pool La Ola
  • house of the youth Landau; the HdJ at the 3 was opened. September 1983 in the “red barracks”, a former barracks building of the French armed forces in Germany (Force français EN Allemagne)
  • urbanJugendtreff refuge ring; to the house also the Jugendtreff refuge ring [work on] belongs
to the youth personalities [

work on

] honour citizen Friedrich


  • weather, geb. as branch office 1928 in Landau, archbishop of the ore diocese Munich and freesing.
  • William Ecker (1899-1977),Architect, mayor
  • Julius calibration fount (1820-1887), mayors 1879-1887
  • Konrad scourge-break (1878-1963), architect-generals
  • August Kaussler (1853-1935), publisher
  • Dr. Alois shopkeeper (1899-1983), mayors of Landau 1946-1964
  • Elizabeth Mahla (1889-1974), co-foundress and chairman of the woman Mrs.
  • Friedrich August Mahla (1860-1944), mayor 1905-1920
  • Dr. Ernst Maxon (1867-1952), physician
  • Albert Weigel (1902-1985), Kath.Geistlicher, Dekan
  • Hermann Lamott, Landauer CDU politician
  • Werner Scharhag, mayor A. D.
  • Walter Morio, geb. 1920, mayor of Landau 1964-1984

sons and daughters of the city

  • Johann Caspar Bagnato, geb.1696 in Landau, gest. 15. July 1757, was a building master of the baroque in South West German country.
  • Thomas Nast, geb. 27. September 1840 in Landau, gest. 7. December 1902, was a famous caricaturist and becomes as the father of the American political Cartoonsregarded.
  • Ludwig Levy, geb. 1854 in Landau, gest. 1907, were a well-known architect, who built numerous synagogs and churches.
  • Michael Croissant, geb. 7. May 1928 in Landau, gest. 21. September 2002, was an important sculptor, the 1966-1988 toBarn in Frankfurt/Main as a professor taught.
  • Peoples Zotz, geb. 28. October 1956 in Landau, is as philosopher and religion scientists a prominent expert for thinking Asia.
  • Joachim Wambsganss, geb. 1961 in Landau, are as astrophysicists expertfor cosmology, gravitation lenses and Roentgen astronomy.

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