Landing zone

as landing zone (English: landing zone) is designated a special trace of a non removable disk, on which the write/read heads land when switching the plate off.

In the normal enterprise of the plate by the rotation an air flow under the heads is produced, which brings these to taking from the surface off. When switching the plate off the heads on the information traces would land and destruction would arrange there, which can lead to overruns. In order to prevent this, a landing zone, a special plate cylinder without utilizable data, is furnished.

With modern disk drive assemblies heading for the landing zone is made, automatically in former times had a special park instruction by the interface to be given, what led in particular with unintentional switching off and sudden Spannungsverlusten to problems. With modern drive assemblies the heads “do not land” any longer on the surface, but the head mechanism drives when heading for the landing zone on “ramps”, which ensure a safe distance of the heads to the surface, or which becomes heads driven out of the plates. In this way not only the surfaces, but also the heads are protected against wear and destruction. After starting the landing zone the head mechanism is fixed there, in order to prevent a movement of the heads in the case of the transport of the plate. This takes place in all rule via a small permanent magnet, which holds the head mechanism in the park position.


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