Regional court

the regional court is in the structure of court of the tidy jurisdiction the court between office and higher regional court. Each regional court district covers several district courts, several regional court districts represents the district of a higher regional court. Exceptions exist particularly in the city states. Thus it occurs that a higher regional court onlyRegional court is assigned.

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saying bodies

the saying bodies of the regional court are the chambers. Like that civil courts and chambers for commercial matters are , in the range of the criminal law small and large in the civil branch Punishing chambers as well as execution of a sentence chambers in an educated manner.


the regional court is usually appeal for the decisions of the single judge (in the criminal law also the jury). In family things however the higher regional court is appeal.

Furthermore the regional court is redress instance for complaints against decisions of the judge or Right male nurse at the district court. In family things however the competence of the higher regional court is also to that extent given.

With civil suits with a value in litigation over 5000 euro the regional court is only instanzlich responsible, if the district court is not exclusively responsible.

The large criminal court of the regional court is as the first instancewith crimes with death sequence or Tötungsdelikten as court of assizes responsibly and otherwise, if not the competence of the single judge or the jury (and the higher regional court) is given.

public prosecutor's offices

at the regional courts are furnished the public prosecutor's offices.

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