District Berne castle

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Wappen des Landkreises Bernburg Lage des Landkreises Bernburg in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Saxonia-Anhalt
administrative seat: Berne castle
surface: 413.70 km ²
inhabitants: 65.739 (31. August 2005)
Population density: 159 inhabitants for each km ²
circle keys: 15 1 53
Kfz characteristics: BBG
circle arrangement: 24 municipalities
address that
District administration:
Karl place 37
06406 Berne castle
Website: www.landkreis-bernburg.de
E-Mail address:
land advice: Ulrich Gerstner (SPD)
Lage des Landkreises Bernburg in Sachsen-Anhalt

the district Berne castle is a district in the southern center of the Land of the Federal Republic Saxonia-Anhalt.

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the district, mentioned after its district town Berne castle, is because of the southern edge of the farm servant citizens Börde to the Saale; in the center between resounds rather exactly (Saale) and Magdeburg. It borders in the north on the district Schönebeck, in the east on the district Köthen, in the south on the hall circle and in the west on the districts of one fields country and Aschersleben Stassfurt.


inSugar beets are cultivated to district Berne castle, in Könnern are the diamond sugar factory GmbH. Carrot cultivated area: 40,000 hectars, Verarbeitungskapazität: 1,5 millions t per campaign, 16,500 t carrots per day, start-up: 1993, person employed: 230 workers, investment sum: approx. 240 millions €.


By the circle area the motorway A14 runs.


the today's district corresponds approximately to the Principality of notion Berne castle, which was formed 1803 and 1863 were combined with notion.

cities and municipalities

(inhabitants to 30. June2005)

Central administrative body-free municipalities/cities

central administrative bodies with its member municipalities

seat of the central administrative body *
  1. Berne castle (Saale), city * (32.021)
  2. Gröna (598)
  1. Baalberge (1.431)
  2. Biendorf (868)
  3. Cörmigk (556)
  4. Edlau (503)
  5. Gerbitz (672)
  6. Gerlebogk (344)
  7. Latdorf (776)
  8. new gate lives (922)
  9. Nienburg (Saale), city * (4.449)
  10. Peissen (1.257)
  11. Pobzig (409)
  12. Poley (667)
  13. Preusslitz (781)
  14. Wedlitz (427)
  15. vienna village (338)
  16. well-being village (527)
  1. when life (Saale), city (2.738)
  2. Güsten, city * (4.161)
  3. Ilberstedt (1.223)
  4. Plötzkau (1.431)
  5. Schackstedt (465)


with the lining up circle regional reorganization in Saxonia-Anhalt will probably fuse the district Berne castle with the district Schönebeck and the district Aschersleben Stassfurt to the new salt district.

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