District Elberfeld

the district Elberfeld was from 1816 to 1860 a district in the governmental district Duesseldorf in the Rhine province, (Germany).

The duchy mountain was surrendered 1806 to France and to Napoleon I. from it a Grand Duchy under its brother-in-law formed Joachim Murat. Soon after the people battle with Leipzig the Grand Duchy dissolved. Most regions were assigned to congress Prussia by the Viennese . It formed with the other parts of the Prussian possessions on the left and right Rhine bank the province Jülich Kleve mountain with the administrative seat Cologne, to 22. June 1822 was likewise combined with that 1815 formed province Grand Duchy of Niederrhein with administrative seat in Koblenz to the Rhine province.

In this administrative re-organization became among other things the district Elberfeld based.

It covered only the two cities at the beginning of Elberfeld and Barmen. To 14. October 1820 was dissolved at the same time created district Metz man and its cities and municipalities Ellscheid, Gruiten, Haan, hard mountain, Millrath, crown mountain, long mountain, Metz man, Obgruiten, Schöller, sunning fount, Velbert and Wülfrath to the district Elberfeld was assigned.

To 21. Septembers 1860 were appointed the principal places Barmen and Elberfeld circle-free cities and separated from the district Elberfeld , which was renamed afterwards in district Metz man.

The cities Elberfeld and Barmen (both starting from 1883/1884 large cities) became at the 1. August 1929 combined into the city Elberfeld Barmen, which was renamed 1930 after a citizen questioning to Wuppertal.


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