District meal

the district meal was a district in the western Ruhr district in the governmental district Duesseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia. It covered the today's cities meals and Mülheim at the Ruhr, as well as parts circle Metz man.

The area of the district meal was slammed shut 1815 on the Viennese congress Prussia. In the course of the Prussian organization of the administration became thereupon the district meal to 23. April 1816 as one of over 40 districts of the province Jülich Kleve mountain, the later Rhine province newly formed. Already to 27. September 1823 it was dissolved and combined with the district DIN sheet to the new district Duisburg.

But 1857 were already created the district meal again, from which already the city meal separated 1873 again. In consequence its had from parts circle area a new regional administrative body, the district Mülheim at the Ruhr to be formed, from which 1887 the again created district Ruhr place was separated.

The remaining district meal covers the cities and municipalities old person village, old person meal, Borbeck, Byfang, three-hone shanks, Frillendorf, Heisingen, Huttrop, Karnap, Katernberg, chaining TIG, Kray, copper trick, Leithe, Rellinghausen, rotting living, Rüttenscheidt, Schonnebeck, filter hone shanks, Steele, stopping mountain, over Ruhr, at the Ruhr and two-hone shanks around 1900 (1903 renamed in Bredeney).

Up to the dissolution of the circle 1929 the still following incorporations were made into the city meal:

district Mülheim at the Ruhr, dissolved by that 1910 , the municipalities Haarzopf , Menden and Raadt were added to the circle area.

Due to the law over the local reorganisation of the rheinisch westfälischen industrial area of the 1. August 1929 was again dissolved the district meal:

  • Chaining TIG, copper trick, three-hone shanks and filter hone shanks were assigned to the again created district Duesseldorf Metz man.
  • Menden became into the city Mülheim at the Ruhr in in common December.
  • The remainder became into the city meal in in common December.


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