District Germersheim

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Wappen des Landkreises Germersheim Lage des Landkreises Germersheim in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
administrative seat: Germersheim
surface: 463.26 km ²
inhabitants: 125.231 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 270 inhabitants for each km ²
circle keys: 07 3 34
Kfz characteristics: GER
circle arrangement: 31 municipalities
address that
District administration:
Luitpoldplatz 1
76725 Germersheim
Website: www.kreis-germersheim.de
E-Mail address:
land advice: Dr. Fritz Brechtel (CDU)
(Choice to 13. June 2004)
CDU 44.4% (- 1.7) - of 19 seats (=)
SPD 25.3% (- 7.0) - 11 seats(- 3)
WGR 11.8% (+4,5) - 5 seats (the +2)
GREENS 7.1% (+1,2) - 3 seats (+1)
REP 5.7% (+0,9) - 2 seats (=)
FDP 5.6% (+2,0) - 2 seats (=)
Lage des Landkreises Germersheim in Rheinland-Pfalz

the district Germersheim is a district in the southeast of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Neighbouring circles are (in the clockwise direction): District southern crying race, Rhine Pfalz circle, district Karlsruhe and the circle-free city Karlsruhe as well as the French Département Bas Rhin with the Arrondissement Wissembourg.

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the Rhine forms the eastern Kreisgrenze and the national border at the same time except for small exceptions to Baden-Wuerttemberg. The loud is to a large extent the southern border, which at the same timealso the state border to France is. The district lies completely in the Rhine ditch.


the district Germersheim goes on at the 1. April 1818 of the Bavarian king Maximilian I. formed Landkommissariat back, later to the office for district and 1939 into the district Germersheim were transferred. The administrative district was hardly changed in the course of its history. Most substantial border correction was probably the incorporation from Hayna to Herxheim.


land advice

2001 - today: Dr. Fritz Brechtel(CDU).

coat of arms


Divided by black and blue by a silver wave bar; above an increasing, red crowned and reinforced golden lion, down a continuous silver cross; in the blue Herzschild red more bezungter and more reinforcedgolden eagle. (Coat of arms permission 16. February 1976)


The lion stands for high pin for the Pfalz and the cross for the Speyer. Both rule had portion of the today's circle area. The Herzschild is in former times once realm direct the coat of arms of the city Germersheim, thosewas and therefore the realm eagle leads.


opened here the Pfälzi Maximiliansbahn in the year 1855 the distance of new city over Landau - to hoists to in elsässische white castle. From it the line branches after in hoists since 1864/65Wörth - Karlsruhe off, which had been built by Maximiliansau by the city Karlsruhe.

The district town Germersheim received its first railway connection to 1864 by the Pfälzi Ludwig course from boat operator city over Speyer ago. It was resumed only 1876 to Wörthby the Pfälzi Maximiliansbahn, which established also the further courses in the circle:

  • 1870 from hoists to bath Bergzabern
  • 1872 from Germersheim to Landau
  • 1876 from Wörth to loud castle in the Elsass
  • 1877 of Germersheim over the Rhine after Bruchsal and
  • 1905from Speyer to new city

thereby the railway system had reached an expansion of 92 km. Of it for the passenger traffic durably only the following distances were shut down:

  • 1956: Speyer Lb - Schwegenheim - new city Lb 8 km (meter pure)
  • 1984: Landau - Zeiskam -Germersheim 11 km

occasional were however still three further lines (19 km) concerned, which were again re-activated however in the meantime.

1997 opened the Albtal public transport company ltd. the metropolitan railway line S 5 from Karlsruhe to Wörth citizen park, up to the city hall and thenup to the bath park resumed is.

By the southern circle area the federal motorway 65 Karlsruhe Ludwigshafen leads. Several federal highways and circle roads pull the circle area through, under it the mehrspurig removed federal highway 9 Karlsruhe Speyer and the federal highway 272.

cities and municipalities

(Inhabitants to 30. June 2005)

Situation in the Rhine Neckar triangle

federation-free municipalities/cities

  1. Germersheim, city (20.777)
  2. Wörth on the Rhine, city (17.509)

convention communities with its member municipalities

seat of the convention community *

  1. Bell home * (8.469)
  2. Knittelsheim (1.002)
  3. Ottersheim with Landau (1.840)
  4. Zeiskam (2.275)
  1. mountain (Pfalz) (2.169)
  2. Hagenbach, city * (5.420)
  3. new castle on the Rhine (2.549)
  4. Scheibenhardt (693)
  1. Hatzenbühl (2.734)
  2. Jockgrim * (6.925)
  3. Neupotz (1.794)
  4. Rheinzabern (4.755)
  1. Erlenbach with Kandel (723)
  2. Freckenfeld (1.640)
  3. Kandel, city * (8.351)
  4. min field (1.580)
  5. Steinweiler (1.791)
  6. Vollmersweiler (223)
  7. hoists (1.051)
  1. free brook (1.042)
  2. Lingenfeld * (5.348)
  3. Lustadt (3.404)
  4. Schwegenheim (2.959)
  5. wine garden (Pfalz) (1.565)
  6. west home (Pfalz) (1.747)
  1. Hördt (2.424)
  2. Kuhardt (1.904)
  3. Leimersheim (2.610)
  4. Rülzheim * (7.819)

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