District Münster

the district Münster is a former district in the north of North Rhine-Westphalia. It existed since the year 1815, when in the context of the Viennese of congress the province Westphalia came under Prussian rule. It was dissolved in the course of the regional reorganization to the 1. January 1975. Administrative seat of the district was the circle-free city Münster, which is at the same time right successor of the circle.

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arrangement up to the dissolution

at the time of its dissolution at the 1. It consisted January 1975 of following municipalities and cities:

  1. Office sink Mauritz: Sink Mauritz, Handorf, Hiltrup, Amelsbüren and Sprakel
  2. office Roxel: Albachten, Bösensell, Havixbeck, Nienberge, Roxel
  3. office curve-hit a corner: Albersloh, Alverskirchen, Angelmodde, Rinkerode, curve-hit a corner
  4. office Nottuln: Appelhülsen, Nottuln, Schapdetten
  5. office Greven: Gimbte, Greven
  6. office Telgte: Telgte, Westbevern
  7. municipality Saerbeck

regional reorganization 1. January 1975

with the regional reorganization in North Rhine-Westphalia reached the district Münster the 1. January 1975 dissolved. It was divided as follows:

  • To the city Münster fell the following municipalities:
Albachten, Amelsbüren, Angelmodde, Handorf, Hiltrup, Nienberge, Roxel, sink Mauritz, Sprakel, curve-hit a corner
Appelhülsen, Bösensell, Havixbeck, Nottuln, Schapdetten
Gimbte, Greven, Saerbeck
Albersloh, Alverskirchen, Rinkerode, Telgte, Westbevern


the history of the district Münster begins with the decision in the Viennese congress that Westphalia the Kingdom of Prussia was attached. The cities and municipalities of the district came thus in the year 1815 under Prussian rule. In the course of the establishment of the province Westphalia in the year 1816 likewise the circle, consisting of the offices Lamberti, developed Überwasser, sink Mauritz, Roxel, curve-hits a corner, for Nottuln, Greven, Telgte as well as the municipality Saerbeck. The city Münster became a “Immediatstadt” and did not belong to not, became however the administrative seat.

By incorporations of the city Münster in the year 1876 parts of the offices Lamberti, Überwasser and sink Mauritz were integrated into the city. The district lost thereby approx. 8.9 km ² at surface. In the year 1903 the offices Lamberti and Überwasser were dissolved and integrated completely into the city Münster. Also the office sink Mauritz was again affected by this incorporation. Altogether a further surface of 56,4 km fell ² at Münster.

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