District Mainz being gene

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Wappen des Landkreises Mainz-Bingen Lage des Landkreises Mainz-Bingen in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
administrative seat: Ingelheim on the Rhine
surface: 605.85 km ²
inhabitants: 200.317 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 331 inhabitants for each km ²
circle keys: 07 3 39
Kfz characteristics: MZ
circle arrangement: 66 municipalities
of the district administration:
George moving blank road 11
55218 Ingelheim on the Rhine
Website: www.mainz-bingen.de
E-Mail address:
land advice: To Claus send (SPD)
Lage des Landkreises Mainz-Bingen in Rheinland-Pfalz

the district Mainz being gene is a district in the east of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Neighbouring circles are (inClockwise direction) Rhine gau rope US circle, the circle-free cities Wiesbaden and Mainz, the districts large Gerau, Alzey Worms and Bad Kreuznach as well as the Rhine Hunsrück circle.

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the Rhine forms the entire east border of the district. Into being gene the close one flows into the Rhine, after it flows a short piece by the circle. At the edge of the Hunsrücks at the Rhine ditch in the western part of the circle is Area of cultivation of wine. The southern part is called Rhine-hessian hill landscape and is climatically well for the vegetable growing suitably, in particular for asparagus.


the area of the today's district Mainz being gene was splintered 1800 ago into numerous rule areas, from thosethe cure princes of the Pfalz the largest portion had, followed from the Mainzer archbishops. During French occupation under Napoleon the area was predominant part of the section thunder mountain (Mont Tonnere) with the capital Mainz, while the area north the close one to the section Rhine Mosel with seat in Koblenz belonged. To the Viennese congress 1815 came the northern part of the today's circle (western the close one) to the Prussian Rhine province, the southern part to the Grand Duchy of Hessen. Within Hessen 5.2.1835 developed tothe two circles Mainz and being gene. To 16.2.1835 the city Mainz was separated as circle Mainz city from the circle Mainz. To 12.5.1852 the circle Oppenheim originated in. At 1.1.1938 arrived the municipalities bishop home and Ginsheim Gustavsburg from the circle large Gerau at thatCircle Mainz. To 7.4.1938 the circle Oppenheim was dissolved and distributed on the circles Mainz and Alzey. With the circle reform 1969 the two circles Mainz and being gene, whereby also some areas of the circles were together put cross after and sank Goarwere included. Seat of the district administration was first Mainz; since October 1995 it is Ingelheim on the Rhine.


land advice of the district Mainz being gene are since that 27. March 1992 of the SPD - politician Claus send.

coats of arms


Under a golden sign head, split into it a red reinforced, black eagle: in front in red a sechsspeichiges silver wheel (Mainzer wheel), in the back in black red more crowned and a red reinforced golden lion (Pfälzer lion). (Coat of arms permission 6. May1970)


The wheel stands for the former prince diocese Mainz, the lion for the kurpfälzischen areas of the circle and the eagle refers to the realm goods with Ingelheim, Oppenheim and Nierstein.


this area became firstfrom the hessian Ludwig railway company opened: 1853 finally led the first line of Mainz Rhine upward after Worms, further connections 1858 toward Frankfurt and Darmstadt and 1859 Rhine downward to being gene with connection to the distances beginning in Bingerbrück (today being gene Hbf)the Rheini railway company after Koblenz and the Rhine close railway company - in enterprise since 1858 - after Bad Kreuznach.

From being gene the hessian Ludwig course opened in the year 1870 a connection across to Rhinehesse toward Worms, in since 1871 in arm homea branch course of Mainz led into. After the nationalization of this society still Nebenlinien of the hessian state railway were added: The most important was leading the 1896 from soil home to Alzey with a cross connection - since 1900 - from and home CO gladly home to Nierstein. The 1902open main course made the direct connection for Mainz possible - Bad Kreuznach over Gensingen Horrweiler.

From the four secondary lines of the South German railway company existing in Rhinehesse the following distances affected the circle:

  • 1888 of Sprendlingen toward Wöllstein and
  • 1904 of Ingelheim by the Selztal afterJugenheim Partenheim.

The railway system reached 1915 by some Verbindungsbahnen in the area being gene a total extent - without streetcars - of 208 km. In four decades the net was reduced by nearly 70 km:

  • 1945: Verbindungsbahnen in the area being gene 11 km
  • 1951: Nierstein- And home CO gladly home 10 km
  • 1953: Sprendlingen - bathing home - Fürfeld 4 km
  • 1954: Ingelheim Rhine station - Jugenheim Partenheim 22 km
  • 1969: East yards - Rheindürkheim - Guntersblum 1 km
  • 1974: East yards - Hillesheim Dorndürkheim - gau Odernheim 3 km
  • 1985: Soil home - and home CO gladly home- Alzey 17 km

in the city being gene operated the electrical lines of the AG Binger secondary lines and served just as as the cross-country line Bad Kreuznach - Sprendlingen - St.Johann of the urban operating and public transport company ltd. Bad Kreuznach also the goods traffic.

Throughthe federal motorways A 61 Koblenz Ludwigshafen lead the circle area, A 63 Kaiserslautern Mainz and A 60 Mainz close valley. Furthermore several federal highways and circle roads pull the circle area through, under it B 9 Worms Mainz Koblenz and B 41 bath cross NAK gel home.

cities and municipalities

(Inhabitants to 30. June 2005)< /br>

</br> Federation-free municipalities/cities

  1. being gene on the Rhine, large one city circle-belonging * (24.850)
  2. Budenheim (8.545)
  3. Ingelheim on the Rhine, large one city circle-belonging (24.648)

convention communities with its member municipalities

seat of the convention community *

  1. soil home * (6.899)
  2. gau bishop home (1.985)
  3. Harxheim (2.030)
  4. Lörzweiler (2.047)
  5. neck home (5.017)
  1. Appenheim (1.405)
  2. Bubenheim (860)
  3. angel city (731)
  4. gau alga home, city * (6.431)
  5. down Hilbersheim (629)
  6. waiter Hilbersheim (989)
  7. Ockenheim (2.329)
  8. swabia home at the Selz (2.520)
  1. Dolgesheim (947)
  2. Thorn Dürkheim (910)
  3. Eimsheim (592)
  4. Guntersblum * (3.757)
  5. Hillesheim (591)
  6. Ludwig height (554)
  7. Uelversheim (1.136)
  8. wine oil home (722)
  9. winter home (299)
  1. heath home on the Rhine * (7.156)
  2. Wackernheim (2.559)
  1. meal home (3.185)
  2. Jugenheim in Rhinehesse (1.659)
  3. small winter home (3.477)
  4. Down Olm * (8.452)
  5. waiter Olm (4.275)
  6. concern hole (1.181)
  7. Stadecken Elsheim (4.515)
  8. anger home (3.643)
  1. Dalheim (1.046)
  2. Dexheim (1.514)
  3. serving home (2.015)
  4. Friesenheim (650)
  5. cock home (1.558)
  6. Köngernheim (1.335)
  7. Mommenheim (3.086)
  8. Nierstein (7.644)
  9. Oppenheim, city * (6.863)
  10. Selzen (1.543)
  11. and home (2.509)
  1. Bacharach, city (2.120)
  2. broad-separate (145)
  3. Manubach (361)
  4. cathedral Sarmsheim (2.851)
  5. Niederheimbach (795)
  6. upperthief oh (926)
  7. upper home brook (678)
  8. Trechtingshausen (1.046)
  9. forest alga home (of 3.658)
  10. Weiler with being gene (2.683)
  1. Aspisheim (962)
  2. bathing home (549)
  3. gene singing (3.386)
  4. Grolsheim (1.150)
  5. Horrweiler (779)
  6. sank Johann (850)
  7. Sprendlingen * (3.942)
  8. Welgesheim (602)
  9. wolf home (716)
  10. Zotzenheim (643)

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