District Ortelsburg

the district Ortelsburg is a former district in East Prussia and existed as Prussian-German district in the time between 1818 and 1945.

The district Ortelsburg covered at the 1. January 1945:

  • the 3 cities Ortelsburg, fitting home and will mountain
  • both marks the Mensguth and Friedrichshof
  • as well as 155 further municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants
  • and 4 property goods (forests).

Table of contents

administrative history

Kingdom of Prussia

after the reorganisation of the circle arrangement in the Prussian state after the Viennese congress originated in to 1 with that. February 1818 the circle Ortelsburg in the governmental district king mountain in the Prussian province Prussia (not: East Prussia).

This covered the Kirchspiele:

  • Friedrichshof,
  • prince forest,
  • small Jerutten,
  • Kobulten,
  • Mensguth,
  • Ortelsburg,
  • fitting home,
  • Rhine wine,
  • Theerwisch,
  • Schöndamerau,
  • will mountain.

The district administration office was in Ortelsburg.

Since that 3. December 1829 belonged the circle - after the union of the past provinces Prussia (not: East Prussia) and west Prussia - to the new province Prussia with the seat in king mountain i. Pr.

north Germans federation/German Reich/large German realm

since that 1. July 1867 belonged the circle to to north Germans the federation and starting from 1. January 1871 to the German Reich. After the division of the province Prussia into the new provinces East Prussia and west Prussia the circle Ortelsburg at the 1 became. April 1878 a component of East Prussia. To the 1. November 1905 stepped the circle Ortelsburg to the newly formed governmental district all stone.

To 30. September 1929 took place in the circle Ortelsburg according to the development in the rest of Prussia a regional reorganization, with which almost all independent property goods were dissolved and neighbouring land municipalities were assigned.

To the 1. January 1939 led the circle Ortelsburg according to the now realm-uniform regulation the designation district.

In the spring 1945 the circle area was conquered by the Red Army and placed afterwards under Polish administration. The Polish administration accomplished a comprehensive population exchange (driving out).

municipal constitution

the district Ortelsburg was divided first into municipalities, into land municipalities and - up to of them almost complete omission - into independent property goods.

With introduction of the Prussian municipality constitutional law of 15. December 1933 gave it starting from 1. January 1934 a uniform municipal constitution for all municipalities. The past municipalities Ortelsburg, fitting home and will mountain led now the designation city.

With introduction of the German Gemeindeordnung of 30. January 1935 stepped to the 1. April 1935 the municipal constitution valid in the German Reich into force, according to which the past country municipalities were called now municipalities. These were summarized in office districts.

A new circle condition was not any longer created; it applied further the circle order to the provinces east and west Prussia, Brandenburg, Pommern, Schlesien and Saxonia of 19. March 1881.

The largest part of the circle belongs today to the Powiat Szczycieński, whose principal place is likewise Ortelsburg.

place names

1938 changed the national socialists in the circle Ortelsburg numerous place names, which did not appear German to them enough. The new designations were lautliche adjustments, translations or free inventions, for example:

  • Largely Lattana: Grossheidenau,
  • largely Piwnitz: Grossalbrechtsort,
  • Jablonken: Wildenau (Ostpr.),
  • Olschöwken: Kornau (Ostpr.).
  • Rogallen: Rogenau,
  • Ruttkowen: Ruttkau,
  • Schwentainen in old churches (Ostpr.),
  • Wawrochen: German heath.
  • Baranowen: Newflow

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