District star mountain

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Wappen des Landkreises Starnberg Lage des Landkreises Starnberg in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
administrative seat: Star mountain
surface: 488.01 km ²
inhabitants: 129.098 (30. September 2005)
Population density: 265 inhabitants for each km ²
Kfz characteristics: STA
circle key: 09 1 88
circle arrangement: 14 Municipalities
of the district administration:
Strandbadstr. 2
82319 star mountain
official Website: www.landkreis-starnberg.de
E-Mail address:
land advice: Heinrich Frey (CSU)
Landkreis Starnberg in Bayern

the district star mountain lies in the southwest of the governmental district Upper Bavaria. Neighbour circles are in the north the district prince-field-bridge,in the east the district Munich, in the southeast the district bath Tölz Wolfratshausen, in the south the district because home already gau and in the west the district Landsberg at the Lech.

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the district star mountain is also called “five-sea-country”. It covers the northern region of the Starnberger of lake, as well as Wesslinger lake, Wörthsee, Pilsensee and bunting lake.


the district star mountain becomes predominantly ofRapid-transit railway lines opened. Distance from Munich reaches S 6 over Gauting in star mountain the west bank of the lake on the 1854 of the Pasing Starnberger railway built; then it resumes on the section to Tutzing, the 1865/66 just like thoseExtensions after because home and Penzberg of the railway of the city because home added is.

The line, which was taken 1903 by the Bavarian state railway from Pasing to Herrsching in enterprise, uses S 5. The passenger traffic is not so far anywhere adjusted.

coat of arms

Wappenbeschreibung: “The Bavarian lozenge sign presented above a walking golden lion, down a einköpfiger golden eagle. ”

cities and municipalities


  1. star mountain (23.115)


  1. Andechs (3.208)
  2. mountain (8.172)
  3. Feldafing (4.322)
  4. Gauting (19.382)
  5. Gilching (16.978)
  6. Herrsching a.Ammersee (10.044)
  7. Inning a.Ammersee (4.193)
  8. Krailling (7.570)
  9. Pöcking (5.690)
  10. sea-field (7.102)
  11. Tutzing (9.506)
  12. Wessling (5.173)
  13. Wörthsee (of 4.643)

no markets

No central administrative bodies

municipality-free of areas (62.36 km ²)

  1. Starnberger lake (57.16 km ²)
  2. forest Unterbrunn (5.20 km ²)

(surface in km ² to 31. December2001, numbers of inhabitants of 30. September 2005)

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