Landsberg „city youth “

beside Munich, which „city of the movement “, and Nuremberg, which was „city of the realm Party Congresses “, the Bavarian town Landsberg at the Lech with the prison cell, in which Adolf Hitler wrote after its failed Putschversuch 1923 „my fight “, the third central place of the national socialism, „the city of the youth “.

Following the realm Party Congresses 1937 and 1938 marched delegations of the Hitler Youth from the whole German one Reich in „the confession march of the Hitler Youth “after Landsberg. Before gespenstischer window blind with swastika flags, HJ-banners and torch/flare lighting the closing speeches of the so-called „Adolf Hitler marches took place “on the Landsberger main place and in the forecourt of the institute for fortress detention. In the Hitler cell the Hitler boys got the book „my fight “presented. Landsberg had become „the place of pilgrimage of the German youth “and „the station of the National Socialist education “, as realm youth leader called Baldur of ski oh. The prison with its „Hitler cell “should become the largest youth hostel of the realm. Furthermore a gigantic marching-up stadium was planned, which would have possessed larger dimensions than the historical historic town centre of Landsberg. As German troops at the 1. September 1939 Poland attacked, is broken off „the Adolf Hitler march begun already “following „the realm Party Congress of the peace “.

Landsberg got his exposed position in „the third realm “non as in official representations the city gladly stated - „from the outside put on “. Already starting from 1933 the Lechstadt with all it the available means marketed itself as „Hitler city “or „city of the leader “, as „National Socialist place of pilgrimage “and „birth place of the ideas of the national socialism “. „The Hitler tourism “brought economic upswing; 100,000 „people comrades “Landsberg and the Hitler cell visit finally 1938.

available articles to the historical would background

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