Long character

Vergleich von Langzeichen und Kurzzeichen (rot: beiden Systemen Gemeinsames, grün: traditionelle Langzeichen, lila: moderne Kurzzeichen der VR China)
comparison of long characters and abbreviations

(red: both systems common,
green: traditional long characters,
lila: modern abbreviations of the VR China)

long character are called non-simplified Chinese characters on German traditional , how they are used until today in Taiwan, in the special administrative zone Hong Kong and by many overseas Chinese. In the People's Republic of China for the 50's characters in several steps were simplified. These simplified characters (“abbreviations “, Chinese jiǎntǐzì 简体字/簡體字) are used today in the People's Republic of China and in Singapore. In Taiwan the “long characters” are called zhèngtǐzì 正體字 (standard characters), in the People's Republic of China fántǐzì 繁体字 (indication complicated).

the word Hanzi (Chinese indications) in abbreviation
the word Hanzi (Chinese indications) in long characters

see abbreviations for a discussion of the pro and cons of the two character fonts.

Also in Japan Chinese indications were simplified, but not in as large extent as to the People's Republic of China and not in same way.


as examples are here some of several hundred Zeichenerkürzungen specified, at which the Verkürzungen and Weglassungen are special remarkable.

Long character abbreviation

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