Larry of cross-beam

Larry of cross-beam
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birth name Larry of cross-beam
weight class heavyweight
nationality US-American
birthday 3. November 1949
place of birth Cuthbert
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.90 m
combat statistics
of fights of 75
victories 69
KO of victories 44
defeats 6
no valuation

Larry of cross-beam (* 3. November 1949 in Cuthbert, Georgia) is an US-American Boxer.

Cross-beam gave 1973 its debut fight in professional boxes; it became five years later by a scarce point victory against Ken Norton world champion in the heavyweight. It defended this title successfully in the consequence 18 times, among other things against (however already nearly 40-jährigen) the Muhammad Ali, and kept it until 1985, when it was struck of Michael Spinks. This was after 48 victories - with it it would have broken nearly the record of Rocky Marciano (49 fights, 49 victories) - its first defeat in professional boxes. Cross-beam tried thereafter several times a comeback, became however no more world champion. In January 1988 it was subject to the new world champion Mike Tyson by KO in round 4; this remained the only KO-defeat in its 30-jährigen career. it, now 42-jährig, undertook 1992 a renewed attempt to back-conquer the WM-title and was subject Evander Holyfield to points.

1999 were planned a fight against a scarce year the older George Foreman, which had created 1994 a comeback than world champions, which was called off however by Foreman (on pressure of its wife). Its last Boxkampf delivered cross-beam 2002, at the age of 52 years, against Eric Butterbean Esch, which it defeated. From altogether 75 fights won cross-beam 69, whereby he achieved 44 of his victories by Knockout. It is considered as one the “universe time Greats” of the box haven.

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