Lars Bystøl

Lars Bystøl (* 4. December 1978 in Voss) is a Norwegian ski Springer.

Lars Bystøl won at the WM 2003 in Val di Fiemme bronze with the crew and at the WM 2005 in Colonel village bronze with the crew of largedigs.

To 4. January 2006 it could decide a Weltcup jumping in Innsbruck for the first time for itself and reached thus its first victory with a single jumping of the four-digging tour. At the Skiflug WM 2006 in bath Mitterndorf it won the gold medal in team ski flies. Lars Bystøl in Pragelato secured itself its largest success with the olympic winter plays 2006. There he became olympia winner of normaldigs and on largedigs got he the bronze medal. Besides it won the bronze medal with the Norwegian crew.


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