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articles read treats the city read Vegas in Nevada. For other meanings, see read Vegas (term clarifying).
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read Vegas is the largest city in the US Federal State Nevada. It is particularly because of their large number of casinos famous. Their number of inhabitants amounts to 575,973 (conditions: 2005), the urban dye have altogether about 1.7 million inhabitant. Vegas readadministrative seat of the Clark County is. read Vegas meant originally “the Auen”

the name meant “the Auen” and refers to the green vegetation resulted from artificial irrigation of the natives, which the Spanish conquerers found.

Read Vegas is a tourism center global meaning, into that annually about37 million tourist travel. Meanwhile still about a quarter of the conversion of them is made in casinos, three quarters been allotted to tickets for shows, souvenirs and Luxusartikel.

Beside the casinos the shows coin/shape the public character of the city. To in Vegas active artists readand count, Elvis Presley, The advice luggage with Frank Sinatra , Sammy Davis Jr counted., Dean Martin, Celine Dion, Elton John, Illusionisten (Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield or the Cirque you Soleil). Admits is the city alsofor their large number of wedding chapels, since Nevada has extraordinarily uncomplicated marriage ceremony (and divorce) laws.

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The first settlement was created 1854 by the church Jesu Christi of the holy ones of the last days (Mormonen “), but given up already three years later again. Center of the 1860er years established the US army the away Baker. Owing to its sources read Vegas became oneimportant intermediate stop for Wagentrecks and the railway on their way between California in the west and new Mexico in the east. 1903 sold the climbing ago widow Helen Stewart for 55.000 US$ a majority of their farm property to the railway company, which this again 1905 due to move demand parzellierte andto 15. May 1905 for altogether 265,000 US$ at speculators and investors auctioneered. The city read Vegas was officially created thereby.

With the building of the Hoover dam of 1931 - 1935 and the legalization of gambling in Nevada 1931 the foundation-stone for fast growth becamethe city put. The Mafiaboss Bugsy seal started at the beginning of the 1940er years with the building of the first hotels with integrated play casino a development, which continues until today. Howard Hughes pushed considerably the mafia from the city and replaced it by usual Business models. Inthe 1970ern and 1980ern was considered the city then however as increasingly heruntergekommen.

A change of trend introduced Steve Wynn 1989 with the opening of the Mirage, which could attract again new and above all very financially strong customers. In the last years one tried that from official sideImage of the city of “Sin town center” (German:City of the sin) with casinos, naked bear and illegal prostitution after “town center OF Entertainment” (German: To change city of the maintenance), since one would like to arrange the city attractive also for families with children. This development is however ambivalence: duringon the one hand the shows are meanwhile to a large extent family-friendly arranged, are on the other hand still massive to Werbeflyer of prostitutes on all roads. Also a largely dimensioned Billboard for dirty girls with the Schlammcatchen only few meters beside the Wynn luxury hotel with attached Ferrari dealer would be allowed to do it so only into thatgive few cities.


the age cut of the population is unusually low with 34 years for the USA. The population constantly increases with 100.000 new citizens in the year, so that Vegas read the most strongly increasing city of the USA is. Everyone uses on the averageCitizen of 1200 litres water on the day. This is affected naturally strongly by the large Wassershows of the hotels and Casinos. In order to apply these quantities of water, the Hoover dam was built, it read Vegas with water supplied completely.

trip goals

read Vegas is a popular starting point forTrips to the Hoover dam, which read Vegas the Colorado south of to the Lake Mead accumulates. Further popular trip goals are Death Valley and talk skirt Canyon, which read Vegas northwest of lies. Many tourists, which read Vegas visits, fly likewise from here to Grand Canyon. About 1 hour north on the way to the Death Valley is appropriate the spirit city Rhyolite, at the beginning 20. Century a gold grave city with 10.000 inhabitants is it today a museum.

Amazing way can in the winter in close proximity to read Vegas evenSki to be run. Ca.50 miles of the Strip is on 2600 m over the sea level “read Vegas Ski&Snowboard Resort”.

economics and traffic


the incomes by tourists amounted in the year 2004 to 33.7 billion US Dollar. However the Casinoshave a conversion of approximately 4.5 billion US Dollar in the year. In the city 150,000 beds are available for tourists, who can shine with an extent of utilization ratio of 90%. In Vegas read more than 75% of the taxes of the State of Nevada is driven.

Largest employer is Caesars Entertainment, to which about Caesars Palace with 50.000 employees belongs. MGM Mirage controls altogether 11 houses, under it also the Bell agio. The costs of the hotels become ever higher thereby. The Venetian cost alone at construction costses 1.6 billion US Dollar, Steve Wynns new casinoand hotel 2.7 billion US Dollar.Donald Trump builds a multistoried building with free-hold flats in the city, multi-millionaire and MGM majority shareholder Kirk Kerkorian plans until 2010 its own city in the city with estimated construction costses of 4 billion US Dollar.

The largest employer outside of the gambling industry are thoseAuthorities of the city with 20.000 employees. Apart from the maintenance industry here above all the public hand with the university of Nevada, post office etc. ensures. for jobs. There are meanwhile 30 hospitals and eight Hospize, the number was rising in the last years.


the airport read Vegas (McCarran) had in the year 2003 an aircraft passenger arising of 27 million passengers.

The city has since the year 1990 a bus network with altogether 38 lines, which a surface as largely as the canton Zurich (1,732 km ²) must cover. The linesbecomes however even in point times often only in 15 - or 20-minutes pulse offered, besides are they not co-ordinated. Since 2004 there is a Monorail, those in 14 minutes of the hotel MGM Grand to the hotel seeing era drives and at hotels as read Vegas ConventionCentre, Caesars Palace and Bally `s stopover make. It serves to make for the guests all attached hotels comfortably by course attainable.

acquaintance hotel

the hotel Bell agio is above all admits by the famous Fountains OF the Bell agio, a Wassershowwith jumping well and music, which take place halfonce per hour. In addition the hotel was scene (at least in a few external opinions) of the film Oceans's Eleven (among other things with George Clooney).

The hotel Wynn is at present (May 2005) the most expensive hotel, the MGM Grand hotel with 5005 roomssecond largest hotel of the world.

Because of the many autotourists read Vegas possesses an immense number of R+V park for campers.

sons and daughters of the city

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