Latin America

the term Latin America designates the American countries south the USA and covers the range from South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Karibik. The peoples of this region, in whom the English language prevails (e.g. Jamaica, Belize, Guyana) frequently from this allocation are excluded. Normally it refers only to the countries, in which the Spanish and Portuguese one (languages, which descend from latin) prevail. In contrast to it one speaks of North America also of Angloamerika.

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Latin America extends from the Rio Grande del Norte up to Cape Hoorn. In the west the Pacific limits, in the east the Atlantic the continent. This covers Mexico, central and South America and primarily by Roman peoples was coined/shaped.

Literally regarded one could actually expect that the term cultures and regions in America designates, which are located in purchase to Roman languages, since these descend for their part from latin. But French speaking ranges Americas, like Québec and Akadien in Canada, as well as Haiti, are considered straight not as part of Latin America. Nevertheless those becameDesignation „Latin America “first during the French occupation of Mexico (1862-1867) suggested, as a Napoleon III. Ore duke Maximilians interests supported to become emperors from Mexico to. The Frenchmen hoped that a comprehensive term of „latin “America will support its intentions. The Mexicans drove outfinally probably it wanted the Frenchmen, but the irony of history the fact that it „latin “- left designation as trace.

The alternative designation Iberoamerika is occasionally used, around the relations of the peoples with its earlier colonial powers lain on the iberischen peninsulaTo express Spain and Portugal, and/or. the similar designation is to Angloamerika.

Latin American countries

North America

Central America


South America

Spain and Portugal are called also the motherlands of Latin America. Also Italy is more or less ranked among it.


Latin America is throughout catholic coined/shaped. About 83-87% the latin American are catholic, although the influence of the church shrinks clearly particularly in Brazil (only approximately 75% catholic). For some years the number of the Protestanten and free churches those rises today altogether about 10% constitutes. Islamand Hinduismus is partly also represented (e.g. in Surinam and Guyana), constitutes however less than 1% at the total population.


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