Latin Pop

Latin Pop is a style direction of the Popmusik, which integrate rhythmic and melodische elements of the Latin American music.

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already into the 1950er years isolated Latin American elements in hits were integrated - melodies. Into the 1960er years seized then the skirt music of the rhythmic inheritance particularly from traditional Caribbean and Mexican music styles, which led to the development of the Latin skirt ( Santana among other things).

To a real also commercially successful mixture of Pop and Latin it came however only into the 1980er years. Here particularly the world hit stung Lambada of Kaoma (1989) out. Into the 1990er years the Latin American Rhythmik and Melodik were mixed ever more frequently with Soul - and R&B - influences (e.g. Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Selena), in addition, other one, so far less well-known rhythms in the Latin Pop included (e.g. Cumbia Romántica). Of the Latin Pop for the 90's is in addition, characteristic the use of thanks - Beats, which are combined with Latin American harmonies (e.g. Thalia). The spectrum of the style Latin Pop is thus meanwhile very widespread.


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