Laura Gemser

Laura Gemser (* 5. October 1950 on Java; actually Laurette Marcia Gemser) is an Indonesian actress, originally admits become as Softpornodarstellerin. It is considered as one of the most well-known icons of the Softpornoindustrie of the 1970er.

After Laura Gemser could be made a blueprint first in the Netherlands for some magazines, she began to participate at 1974 in Softpornofilmen. Internationally became it admits to films of the Italian director Joe D'Amato with its roles in the Black Emanuelle -. These films are considered today as cult films of the Italian Erotik and horror film. Into the 1980er years changed it to act ion and Science Fiction films.

1976 married Gemser the Italian actor Gabriele Tinti. Since its death to 12. November 1991 lives it withdrawn into Italy.

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