Laura Schradin

Laura Schradin (geb. Pfennig; * 7. September 1878 in Reutlingen; † 8. March 1937 in Tübingen) was the first female state parliament delegate in the württembergischen federal state parliament.

Laura Pfenning was in-born into a ärmliche wine gardner family (father: Johannes Pfennig from Reutlingen, nut/mother Barbara MariaKünstle from Pfrondorf) and had to contribute already early to living costs of the family. Therefore it was forced to train itself further as Autodidaktin. Since 1896 worked Laura Schradin in a Web factory, there learned it their later man, who attorney Fritz Schradin. Already with 18 years engagedit in the trade union, 1897 joined itself it the SPD . It used itself for the woman right to vote, the child protection and the equal rights of the woman . In addition you were important education questions. Forwards and during the First World War it showed up as Pazifistin.

1905 married itFritz Schradin, with which it had 1910 a daughter Hedwig. Contrary to many Frauenrechtlerinnen, which remained unmarried, in order to be able to be political and vocationally active, Fritz Schradin always supported his wife in her enterprises. They visited together courses in the “commercial association”, Laura visited lecturesat the University of Tübingen. Fritz Schradin died to 21. May 1922.

On the “international congress of socialist” in Stuttgart in the year 1907 Laura Schradin became acquainted with pink Luxembourg , it was located in correspondence with Lily brown and Clara Zetkin.

Laura Schradin had itself before outbreak firstWorld war still clearly against the war expressed, it showed up during the world war in handling the situation rather pragmatically as ideological. It financed so-called “war patchwork places” in Reutlingen with its man, in which by higher wages in their war-causes the female workers heavy situation financially supportedbecame. 1917 was employed in 10 of such workshops 2200 women, it even gave a kindergarten for the children of the female workers. However you brought in the commitment for the workshops also for Denunziationen and slandering of not taken up women and from socialist side.

1919 became Laura SchradinAnd afterwards also selected delegate of the condition-giving meeting Württembergs (altogether 13 female delegates) into the federal state parliament, to which it belonged until 1924. Since 1919 it sat also in the Reutlinger local council, from whom it separated 1925 because of health complaints.

It worked however further as a speaker, nowbut no more for the SPD separate it for the people right party, 1932 stood as a candidate again for the Württembergi federal state parliament.

1933 moved Laura Schradin to Tübingen, 1935 it of the reproach of the offense by a party and circle leader were accused and to two months detention condemned,it however because of illness no more to begin could not.

Laura Schradin died at the age of 59 years at an impact accumulation.

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