Laurence Harvey

Laurence Harvey (* 1. October 1928in Jonischkis, Lithuania; † 25. November 1973 in London) was litauisch - a British actor.


Harvey was born in Lithuania as Laruschka Mischa Skikne. At the age of five years its family moved to South Africa, where it spent the majority of its youth. Only 1946 he came to London, where he collected as an actor first with the Royal Academy OF drama TIC kind theatrical experience and finally started starting from 1948 a successful film career. He selected its artist name Laurence Harvey thereby following the Harvey Nichols Group. Its international break-through came 1959 with the male main role into Room RK the Top beside Simone Signoret. While Harvey for its role was nominated as a first litauischer actor of film history for the OSCAR, Signoret received the desired Trophäe. Also in the year after it played the male main role beside Elizabeth Taylor in telephone Butterfield No., distinguished with the OSCAR for the best Hauptdarstellerin. 8. In the same year it played the second main role as Colonel William Travis in John Waynes hero pos Alamo. It played beside Frank Sinatra in The Manchurian Candidate (dt. Title: Ambassador of the fear), beside Peter Sellers in The Magic Christian, the opponent Peter Falks in one the Inspector Columbo, the William Grimm into the miracle world of the brothers Grimm as well as Roman Zenturio Cethegus in Felix Dahn - filming a fight for Rome (1968) and its continuation a fight for Rome II - the betrayal. Sometimes besides it led direction, so also in its last film Welcome ton of Arrow Beach.

Laurence Harvey was three times married, among them with the play colleagues Margaret Leighton (1957 - 1961) and Joan Perry (1968 - 1972). To 31. December 1972 he married the Model Paulene Stone, nut/mother of its daughter domino Harvey (* 7. August 1969, + 27. June 2005).

Harvey died to 25. November 1973 at the age of only 44 years in London at stomach cancer.

The life of its daughter domino Harvey, which drowned to 2005, in the age of 35 years, probably after a drug overdose in a bath tub, was filmed with Keira Knightley in the main role.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1948 House OF the Darkness
  • 1950 The Black rose
  • 1954 Romeo and Juliet (as Romeo)
  • 1955 storm over the Nile (Storm more over the Nile)
  • 1956 Three Men in A Boat (after Jerome K. Jerome)
  • 1959 the way upward (Room RK the Top)
  • 1960 The Alamo
  • 1960 telephone Butterfield No. 8 (Butterfield 8)
  • 1962 the miracle world of the brothers Grimm
  • 1962 the Manchurian candidate (The Manchurian Candidate)
  • 1963 The Ceremony (direction and main role)
  • 1966 the feeler gauge with the cold nose (The Spy with the Cold Nose)
  • 1968 a fight for Rome
  • 1969 a fight for Rome II - the betrayal
  • 1969 hot play for hard men (The Rebus)
  • 1969 The Magic Christian
  • 1970 WUSA
  • 1973 Columbo: The Most Dangerous match
  • 1974 Welcome tons of Arrow Beach (direction and main role)

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