Laurent Gbagbo

Laurent Gbagbo

Laurent Gbagbo (* 31. May 1945 in Gagnoa, the Ivory Coast) is since the year 2000 a president of the African State of the Ivory Coast. He was a professor of history at the university of Cocody Abidjan, became from politicalReasons twice arrested and member of the party was FPI (front Populaire Ivoirien, German about “Ivori people front”). For the discussion of the name see also: Kp and gb

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political career/development

Gbagbo was first a teacher for history and geography at the High School Lycée Classique D' Abidjan. received then a research contract at Institut for historyand African archaeology (IHAAA). He was Secretary-General of the party FPI (1988-1996), their chairman of the board (1996-2000), delegates for the constituency Ouragahio (1990-2000) and became finally 2000 president of the Republic of Côte D' Ivoire.

Laurent Gbagbo was one of the most important opposition figures under the rulethe first president Félix Houphouët Boigny. He tried 1990, unsuccessfully as a presidency candidate against the then all-powerful president - a premiere in the history of the country.

the activist (1965-1973)

after its Baccalauréat (comparable the German Abitur)with emphasis philosophy at the High School Lycée Classique d'Abidjan 1965, he studied history at the University of D' Abidjan and put its Licence down in the subject history 1969. 1970 he became a teacher for history and geography at the High School Lycée Classique d'Abidjan. Very activelyin der Gewerkschaft, trat er heimlich der Opposition bei, zusammen mit Bernard Zadi Zaourou, beide Dozenten an der Universität d’Abidjan. Its instructional contents and its free spirit disturbed a little and it were very fast arrested and in the prison in Séguéla (north)and Bouaké (center) from March 1971 until January 1973 thrown.

the historian (1974-1981)

starting from 1974 he worked as a researcher on Institut for history, art and African archaeology (IHAAA) of the University of D' Abidjan and wrote at the same time at its doctor workwith the title: „Les department socio économiques de la politique ivoirienne: 1940-1960 " (to German: the socio-economical aspects of the ivorische policy between 1940 and 1960). It attained a doctorate 1979 at the University of Paris VII. 1979 it published its first book with edition CEDA(Publishing house company CEDA, Côte D' Ivoire) over hero pos of the king of one thing (Soundjata, lion of the one thing king realm). An essay appeared a little later with edition CLE (center for Evangelist literature) with the title „reflection sur la Conférence de Brazzaville “(to German: Considerations overthe conference of Brazzaville).

the exile (1982-1988)

director of the IHAAA become 1980, Laurent Gbagbo is direct as an active member of the trade union „university and research “SYNARES (Syndicat national de la search et de l'Enseignement Supérieur) into the labor disputestaken part, particularly in the most important strike at the universities of 1982. Together with some teacher colleagues they based secretly, which became later which the party FPI. Held for the chief executive in „the Komplott of the university teachers “of 1982, he went voluntarily into the exileto France, in order to fight and for the multiple party system recruit against „the dictatorship of the PDCI “(portion démocratique de Côte d'Ivoire). It published thus 1983 with edition Harmattan a book with the title: „La Côte D' Ivoire pour une alternative démocratique “(to German: The Côte D' Ivoire for a democratic alternative), followed of a common work, which presented the party FPI and their program: „Les per position pour more gouverner “. It received the refugee status in this period and makes friends themselves with Guy Labertit,at that time responsible person in the French PSU (portion of Socialiste Unifié) for international cooperation and publisher of the magazine „Libération Afrique “. This accepted it occasionally with itself at home and became acquainted with its human and cultural qualities. Laurent Gbagbo brought iteven, as one plays a few chords on the guitar. From the then French socialist government because of its slogans against the powerful ivorischen president Houphouët ignored, drove it 1983 for the congress of the French socialists (HP, portion socialiste français)in Bourg EN Bresse, camouflaged as a journalist with a document of identification of the magazine „1986 he was pressurized to Libération Afrique “under the government of Jacques Chirac (police, secret service), in order to force its return to the homeland

the return (1990-1995)

It returned only 1988 , after it in numerous negotiations with the envoy of the president Abdoulaye Diallo, substantial concessions, among other things the effectiveness of the multiple party system fixed in the condition, obtained. After it was accused of assigned by a foreign power tooits regime to destabilize, changed the man, whom one also „the ways of Africa called “its strategy and it justified with the proverb „a tree can itself not against a bird annoy “. Back in its homeland on 13 September 1988,organized Laurent Gbagbo to 19. and 20. November 1988 the first congress of its still illegal party FPI. He is selected as a Secretary-General of the party. The party defined itself as one on the left of democratic political Kraft and selects as Logo oneRose with root in the Côte D' Ivoire - ajar against French HP. Only candidate against Houphouët, he received a respectable result from 18,3%. It became the Galionsfigur of the opposition and the party won with parliamentary elections 9 delegates andthe local elections of 6 mayors.

Laurent Gbagbo is for the second time married with Simone Ehivet. A woman, who works also actively in the executive committee of the party.

Humans of the mass meeting, politics are thoroughly its hobby. Its last books are also therefore politically: „Histoire d'un retour “(1989, to German: To history of a return), „act pour les libertés “(1991, to German: Act for the liberty) et „Le temps de l'espoir “(1995, to German: Time of hope).

president of the Ivory Coast(2000)

Laurent Gbagbo became with that 3. tidy congress of the party FPI of 9. to 11. July 1999 to the presidency candidate selected and won to 22. October 2000 the choice against general Robert Guei.

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