Lauri Lehtinen

Lauri Aleksanteri Lehtinen (* 10. August 1908 in Porvoo, Finland; † 4. December 1973) was one Finnish athlete and 1932 olympia winners over 5000 meters at the olympic summer games in Los Angeles.

Two weeks before the olympic plays, to 19. June 1932, improved Lauri Lehtinen in Helsinki over 5000 m the eight years old world record of Paavo Nurmi by 11 seconds on 14:17,0 and was thereby the favorite for the olympia victory over this distance.

With the olympic summer games 1932 in Los Angeles Lehtinen started also over 5000 meters. In the final transferred it and its compatriot Lauri Virtanen early the guidance. They intended to shake all off their further opponents which succeeded to them also nearly. Only one did not diminish: The American Ralph Hill. Running developed a little later to a true battle between Lehtinen and Hill. In the last round Hill Lehtinen attacked and was in the term to overhaul it. Lehtinen prevented that, in which he cut Hill off in the zigzag of a course on the other one constantly the way. Although a general tactics was in Europe, in particular for the American public unusually. In such a manner frustrated, buhte it Lehtinen out. Lauri Lehtinen won scarcely, for Ralph Hill the same time by 14:30,0 minutes was stopped. It was only olympic running, whose distance was longer than 200 meters, in which the two first identical times obtained.

The combat court was first uncertain whether it had concerned a handicap by Lauri Lehtinen. Therefore the winner honour took place only 24 hours later. It - to the enthusiasm of the public - came to versöhnlichen gestures of both sportsmen, when they exchanged their crew badges.

With the olympic summer games 1936 in Berlin Lehtinen could not defend its title and terminated a running as second behind its compatriot Gunnar squatting ore.

1940 dedicated Lehtinen its gold medal to a soldier. It was a gesture of the respect Lehtinens for Gunnar squatting ore, that voluntarily to the service in the Finnish army had announced itself and as a reserve second lieutenant fighting in the winter war against the Soviet Union on the day before its 30. Birthday in Karelien please was.


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