Lauritz Melchior

Lauritz Melchior (* 20. March 1890 in Copenhagen, † 18. March 1973 in Santa Monica, California) was a Danish hero tenor. It is considered as the largest daring he tenor 20. Century.

Melchior, with civil name actually liver-genuinly Hommel, debütierte after study at the royal opera school in Copenhagen 1913 first in the Bariton role of the Silvio in Leoncavallos opera I Pagliacci, took however afterwards singing instruction with many helmet Herold, a Danish Wagner - tenor, which retrained him to the tenor. it sang one of the large daring he portions for the first time to 1918 as Tannhäuser, although it took over if necessary also further Bariton roles. Only it decided and relied 1921 for a pure tenor career Denmark. In Munich could be trained further Melchior of the world-famous Wagner Interpretin Anna Bahr Mildenburg.

Lauritz Melchiors singular career as a daring he interpreter began to 14. May 1924 in Covent guards in London as victory mouth in the Walküre. Still in the same year it arose with the Native of Bayreuth festivals , one year later for the first time debütierte at the Viennese state opera. To 17. February 1926 began with a triumphalen Tannhäuser Melchiors career at the Met in New York, which it up to 2. February 1950 the loyalty held. Particularly in a friendly manner connected it remained Siegfried a Wagner, who son of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner, for whom it sang all large tenor roles (except the Lohengrin) from 1924 to 1931. Lauritz Melchior always coined/shaped the Wagner operas with its unbelievably strong and clear, baritonal colored voice.

Until today it is unclear why Melchior terminated its stage career in February 1950 abruptly. Clearly at jet strength on purposeful disinformation of the Met director at that time Rudolf Bing lost, obviously decreases/goes back reports, its voice. The next to last Lohengrin performance is held on clay/tone carriers - the voice of the 59jährigen of tenor sounds there perfectly fresh and radiating. Melchior writes in addition in its memories: “After a Lohengrin conception I said completely simply: Now the swan drives the whole way home. “

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