Law and order (politics)

Law and order (English for law and order) is itself above all as means served a political key word, which a policy is named , of internal security. Politician (legislation) or lawyer (Judikative) can be occupied with the attribute, if it priority on higher public expenditures for police (executive), prisons and data collection, - processing AND circuit or on stricter laws in the punishing obstruction, prosecution and execution of a sentence to put.

It is criticized among other things that by a one-sided stress to security fundamental rights can be limited or diminished. In addition belong for instance a dismantling of data security, to meeting right, to liberty of opinion, to inviolability of the dwelling etc.

Disputed likewise Law and order are - expressions or measures, which can contribute to an escalation in the conflict. According to opinion of the critics causes for criminality, terror or unrests are faded out to a large extent and preferred repression of a prevention.

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