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Lawrence Robert small (* 14. September 1920) is an US-American Wirtschaftswissenschafter. It received the Nobelpreis for economic science in acknowledgment of its research to computer-assisted ökonometrischen models and their application to the analysis of economic cycles to 1980 and the economic policy.


small originates from Omaha, Nebraska. Its childhood and youth years were overshadowed of the world economic crisis, which promoted its later vocational interests, just like its already at the school remarkable gift for mathematics. The outbreak of the Second World War coincided with the transition Kleins of the school to the university. As a student he asked himself, how the political and economic developments are connected. Its entire later working life circled around this topic.

It studied national economy at the University OF California, Berkeley. Subsequently, it changed to Institut of Paul Samuelson at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where it attained a doctorate to 1944. The next station of its academic career was the University OF Chicago (1944 - 1947), where it a mathematical model of the U.S. - National economy compiled, in order to understand the process from economic cycles to and to predict the effect of politico-economic measures. This model forecast an economic upswing in the post-war period in the contradiction for usual opinion, which should prove to be true. Likewise correctly to forecast it knew an easy depression after completion of the Korea war.

Stay at national the office OF Economic Research (1948 - 1950 ) followed and at the University OF Michigan (1949 - 1954). Here it refined its models and developed together with Arthur Goldberger famous the macro-economic small gold mountain he model become. This Tinbergen, the first Nobelpreisträger for economic science ( 1969), however another economic theory and other statistic procedures used used bases of January.

The anticommunist campaign of senator McCarthy prevented a fixed employment of small at the University of Michigan, because it was from 1944 to 1946 member of the American communist party. Later it attributed this to “juvenile Naivität”.

It went for some years to England to the Oxford University (1954 - 1958). After fading away the McCarthy Hetzkampagne it turned back into the USA, to the Wharton School of the University OF Pennsylvania, where it taught and researched up to the retirement.

1959 received John Bates Clark Medal, one of the two most renowned honors in the area of the national economy to small.

Small a series of sophisticated ökonometrischer models in the 60's, which found far application as Wharton models, compiled. It created the consulting firm WEFA (Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates), today global Insights. A at the same time still more comprehensive and more detailed world-wide ökonometrisches model was left compiled, together with other research groups, in the project . This model tries to model the effects of economic developments in a country on other national economies.

1976 coordinated small the politico-economic topics of the presidency candidate Jimmy Carter. An invitation of the president Carter following on it in whose government crew it rejected however.

1977 were selected small to the president of the Econometric Society and the American Economic Association. Over 30 universities world-wide lent to it.

The reason for the Nobelpreisverleihung closes with the statement that “few, if at all a political economist had a so numerous crowd of scientific young and a as large influence as Lawrence small. ”

selected publications

  • at essay on the theory OF economic prediction. Markham Pub. Cost, Chicago 1970 ISBN 0841020051
  • Economic Fluctuations into the United States 1921-41. (1950)
  • At Econometric Model OF the United States, 1929-52. (with AS Goldberger, 1955)
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  • The Wharton Econometric Forecasting Model (with MK Evans, 1967)
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  • The Brookings Model (With Gary pious. 1975)
  • Econometric Model performance (1976)
  • at Introduction ton of Econometric Forecasting and Forecasting Models (1980) ISBN 0669028967
  • Econometric Models As Guides for Decision Making (1982) ISBN 0029174309
  • The Economics OF Supply and and 1983
  • Economics, Econometrics and The LEFT (with M Dutta, 1995) ISBN 0444817875

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