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Land of the Federal Republic (Austria): Lower Austria
district: District Mödling
surface: 10.59 km ²
inhabitants: 2.736 (census 2001)
population density: 258 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 177 m and. NN
postal zip code: 2351, 2361
preselection: 0 22 36
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 04 ′ N, 16° 21 ′ O
48° 04 ′ N, 16° 21 ′ O
Kfz characteristics: MD
municipality code number: 3 17 15
arrangement Gemeindegebiet: 1 Katastralgemeinde
address municipal office: Lock place 7-8
2361 Laxenburg
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Engineer. Robert service (ÖVP)

Laxenburga place is in Lower Austria, about 20 km south of Vienna in the district Mödling to the Schwechat.

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the place is by his lock admits, which was beside Schönbrunn the most important summer seat of the having citizens.

This lock is habsburgisch since 1333 and became in 17. Century of Lodovico Burnacini extends. The blue yard (or new lock) was built around 1745 under Maria Theresia and has one Rococo - Innenaustattung.

The church, which as the first building contains north of the alps swung facade components (characteristics high baroque), was continued 1693 - 1703 of Carlo Antonio Carlone begun and 1703 - 1724 by Matthias Steinl.

After 1780 also the lock park became after the samplean English landscape garden put on. It contains several ponds artificially put on and on an island is after emperor Franz I. designated Franzensburg.

1849 developed the today's political municipality. 1919 took over the war damage fund the lock plant. Since this time the city is Vienna property owner of thePark area of Laxenburg.

After the connection of Austria 1938 the place became into the city Vienna also 24. District in in common December. Only 1954 became the place again independently and dropped back Lower Austria.

population trend

census inhabitant
2001 2,736
1991 2,605
1981 1.861
1971 1,353

source: Population trend 1869 - 2001 of the statistics Austria</br>


mayor of the market municipality are an engineer. Robert service, office chief Ilse Emminger.

In the market local council the distribution of the 21 mandates reads since the local council choice 2005: ÖVP would list 15, SPÖ 4, list the Green 2.

to mechanisms

for the area of the lock park belongs also old person the lock (seat of Austrian film archives, which ice cellar, the Diana temple (green desire house), which lion bridge, the ruin house of the mood (desire house in the Eichenhain), which ride-suppl.-calls, the knight column, the ruin of the Mariannen temple, the Franzensburg, the Gothi bridge, the tournament place as well as the klassizistische Concordiatempel of Joseph Alexander Morelli.

Not least there is international Institut for applied systems analysis ( IIASA ) and a monastery in Laxenburg (with the education house „place of the center “).


of sonsand daughters of the city

  • Johann Natterer, * 9. November 1787 in Laxenburg with Vienna, † 17. June 1843 in Vienna, Austrian natural scientist
  • Gisela Louise Marie of Austria, *15. July 1856 in Laxenburg, † 27. July 1932 in Munich, ore duchess of Austria Hungary
  • Crown Prince Rudolf, * 21.August 1858 in Laxenburg, † 30. Jänner 1889 in Mayerling, son by emperor Franz Joseph I. and empress Elisabeth
  • Elizabeth Marie of Austria, daughter of Crown Prince Rudolf
  • Dipl. - engineer Eduard Hartmann (* 3. September 1904; † 14. October 1966), Austrian politician, Abg. toNational council (8. November 1949-27. March 1963); Federal Minister for land and forestry (16. July 1959-2. April 1964); National captain of Lower Austria (1965-1966)

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