Lea field man

Lea field man (* 2. February 1937 in volume blade (Saar)) is a German medal sister.

Lea field man was first bank purchase woman, then she joined 1960 the medal of the “mission sisters of our love Mrs. von Afrika”. It studied languages, theology, Pädagogik and psychology and attained a doctorate to the Doktorin of the Pädagogik.

When teacher in the Black African countries Rwanda and Kenya experienced her, how the straight women - by the destruction of cultural and economic resources into the pauperization floated - became victims from Sex business, sexual exploitation and slave trade.

From the oppressive experience of “Sextourismus” and “obligation prostitution” the catholic nun developed her self-willed mission understanding.

1985 created Lea field man in Mombasa/Kenya the woman Mrs. “SOLWODI” (Solidarity with women in distress, solidarity with women in emergency). SOLWODI became in the meantime a “often life-saving” welfare organization for women in the prostitution. With consulting and educational provisions it helps that the damaged women (again) come on own feet.

Also in Germany in the meantime several SOLWODI contact points worry about foreign women, who came into the promise on work or marriage to Germany and victims of obligation prostitution and slave trade became.

For her unusual “mission work” sister became Lea field man among other things with the “Order of Merit 1. Class " and with the honour designation “Mrs. Europas” excellently and the chairman of the catholic Bischoffskonferenz, Karl cardinal Lehmann, called it simply “genuine stroke of luck”.

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