Lea Linster

Lea Linster (* 27. April 1955) is a of Luxembourg point cook.

First Linster studied law, but after the death of their father she took over its hotel, which developed her continuously to a Gourmet temple. Since 1982 it operates about 15 km in Frisange, south the city Luxembourg, its restaurant “Lea Linster Cuisinière”.

In the course of the time Linster opened two further restaurants in the Grand Duchy of (“outer Quai” in Luxembourg city and “Kaschthaus” in Hellange). Since 2001 it writes regularly for the German woman Mrs. “Brigitte “. Since 2004 it has its own television broadcast “leases cook desire” with SR the television. In addition it stepped out as an authoress of example books.

Linster is married and has a son.

honors (selection)

  • 1983: Grand Prix Mandarine Napoléon
  • 1987: first Michelin star
  • 1987: “Maîtresse cuisinière” as a first woman in Luxembourg
  • 1989: “Bocuse d'Or” as a first and only Mrs.


  • simple and ingeniously (2002)
  • Best OF Lea Linster Cuisinière (2003)
  • all around ingeniously! (2005)

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