Lea Rosh

Lea Rosh [roːs] (* 1. October 1936 in Berlin; actually Edith Renate Ursula Rosh), is a German television lady journalist and Publizistin.


your father fell in the winter 1944 as a armed forces soldier in Poland. At the age of 18Years withdrew she from the Evangelist church and began in place of Edith fewer „terriblly German “(quotation Rosh) sounding first names the Lea to use. „It tried to forbid later reports on their to change of name to a Jewish sounding name first judicially, lost its complaint however.In newspaper reports it nevertheless still denies the changes of name in replies.

It studied history, sociology and journalism to the FU Berlin. After its study it completed several Volontariate, began then 1961 as Hörfunkreporterin with the RIAS and moderated later a mode ending of the SFB- Television. In the 70's it developed north Germans with the broadcast the magazine woman forum and changed then to the Second Channel of German Television - Studio to Berlin. There it moderated the politics policy characteristic D as a first woman. With the Talkshows III after 9 (radio Bremen, 1982 to 1989) as well as Friday night(SFB, until 1991) it became by its persistent questions admits.

From 1991 to 1997 it - as a first female radio house directress at all - held the line of the NDR - national radio house in Hanover . There it interspersed among other things that the Lower Saxony song only without ofyou as faschistoid felt text were played.

1985 receive it the Carl of Ossietzky medal. It „at persons, around defense, penetration and development of the people and citizen rights to have made itself particularly earned as well as at humans, who carry exemplary anti-fascist and anti-racistic work out “lent. The bookto the film death is a master from Germany (1990) brought it together with Stuttgart historians Eberhard Jäckel the brothers and sisters Scholl price.

Rosh made itself it lively 1988 by Jäckel the task of life, in Berlin by a central memorial place, the monument for the murdered Jews of Europeto remind, of the murder of the European Jews in the course of history. She is vice-chairman of the Kuratoriums of the donation monument for the murdered Jews of Europe as well as chairman of the promotion circle of the same name.

Starting from January 2002 moderated Rosh as well as Gaby captain of Bertelsmann producedSocket dung “welcome in the club - humans and books 2002”, who some months long with the television stations VOX and XXP was radiated.

Critic such as Henryk M. Broder accuse its Wichtigtuerei, Geschmacklosigkeit and shaping craze, even „to convicition terror “. Rafael blessed man calls it in the star - interview one „Holocaust - Kassandra “. Regarding the monument it provided in the summer 2003 for an eclat, when it excluded the company Degussa without further consultations from the building of the monument, because this company had supplied the poison cyclone B during the Nazi realm and nownot also still at the building of the monument to earn is, after it had already made business with the murder of the Jews. Many critics - under it numerous Jews and even the architect of the monument, Peter Eisenman - threw it forwards, this only due to „moral vanity “donehave.

At the end of of 2003 selected the citizens of Berlin magazine tip it to the most embarrassing Berlinerin. Such reactions are to be due probably to Rosh' frequent single-handed attempts, with those them sensitivities of that group, which would like to represent them, not always considered. This shows exemplary the discussion around the molar one in the extermination camp Belzec murdered prisoner, whom Lea Rosh had carried forward there with an inspection of the area 1988. It wanted in one of the Stelen of the monument concrete to let the tooth, like it with the opening of the monument to 10. May 2005 announced (whether it itselfwith this prisoner around a Jew, is not not verifiably, there in Belzec also different one acted from the national socialism pursued was murdered). This project was rejected among other things of Paul Spiegel, the president of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, immediately aspietätlos “,whereupon she withdrew the plan. On the other hand Rosh received from such commentators, which criticized their style, large acknowledgment for the persistence, with which she pursued and finally implemented the goal of a central memorial place (in direct proximity of the area of government administration) against all resistances over years.

1990Lea Rosh received the Schillerpreis of the city Mannheim.

Lea Rosh is since 1968 member of the SPD. It is married with the architect Jakob school CPU pipe. Their office lies in Berlin center.

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