Foodstuffs industry

under foodstuffs industry or also nourishing industry one understands the whole of the companies, which manufacture or process food.

In Germany important companies and organizations of the foodstuffs industry in the Federal union of the German nourishing industry (BVE) organized themselves.

According to data of this federation 5,880 enterprises are also in Germanyover one half million person employed in the foodstuffs industry actively. The conversion amounted to in the year 2004 approximately 130 billion euro, of it 21.6% for the export.

In Switzerland the companies of the foodstuffs industry in the federation of Swiss food industries (fial) organized themselves.

Food industryin Switzerland consists of approximately 200 enterprises, which employ about 33,000 humans in 250 production enterprises. The gross income of 13 billion Swiss Franconia (approx. 8.5 billion euro) divides on into 2 billion Franconia exports and 11 billion inland sales.

On European level those becomesFoodstuffs industry and. A. represent by the European federation of the foodstuffs industry (CIAA).

some exponents of the foodstuffs industry

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This article represents only the situation in Switzerland. , Also the situation helpsto describe in other countries.
This article or paragraph represents only the situation in Germany . Help to describe the situation in other countries.

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