Lee van Cleef

Lee van Cleef (* 9. January 1925 in Somerville, new jersey; † 16. December 1989 in Oxnard, California) was an US-American film - and TV-actors.

Van Cleef was first an accountant and served in 2. World war in the US-Navy on a minesweeper. After the war he worked as an office worker and came in its spare time with amateur theatres into contact.

Its application for a role led to its first commitment with a tour theatre. One this conception visited Stanley shopkeeper, who engaged him for the Nebenrolle of the Jack Colby in High Noon. Although he did not have to speak a word in this role, she brought in a large admitting heating degree for him.

In the years after it played different roles in Western - under it 1962 the man, who shot Liberty Valance - and crime films.

Center of the 1960er years, Lee van Cleef had withdrawn itself more and more from the Filmbranche and engaged the painting turned, it Sergio Leone for the role of the Colonel Mortimer in the film by qualche dollaro in più (German title: For a few dollar more) in the Clint Eastwood its opponent was. This was the beginning of a second international career, partly however in films of somewhat lower level. In addition, it played the rogue Sentenza in the successor of by qualche dollaro in più with the title IL buono, IL gross, IL cattivo (German title: , Better The Good, the bath, and the Ugly admits two glorious Halunken) under the English title, which is considered as a classical author of the Italo Western.

Van Cleef was married three times and had from its second marriage three children.

The figure of the head money hunter in the Comic of the same name of Lucky hatch was had a feeling for to it.

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