the legislation (v. lat.: lex, legis (f.) = law; also legislative force) is in a state one of the three Gewalten beside executive and Judikative. As the fourth non-governmental force the mediale force is very often called, herehave the media the task the three national Gewalten to examine. The legislation is responsible for the consultation and Verabschiedung of laws (legislation) in the contentwise and formal sense as well as for control of the executive and the Judikative (inAustria: controlled only the executive, the Judikative remains independent). In a representative democracy the legislation is entitled to the parliaments . The parliament absolutism changes the equilibrium of the government authorities however. Into states with elements therefore in individual cases also the people steps direct democracyas legislators on (people legislation).


the land parliaments on regional level

  • the legislation form table of contents for 1 Germany 2 Switzerland 3 Austria 4 Poland [work on]. ( The Upper House of Parliament however takes only at thatLegislation part, is however no legislation organ.) the legislation is bound to the constitutional order.
  • With the Kreistagen, town councillors and local councils it concerns expressly not around organs of the legislation (local autonomy), but the administrative execution in the frameworklegal defaults and authorizations (executive). The autonomy organs are only administrative organs, which it lacks parliamentary powers. Substantial indication for this is apart from the absence of the Judikative the landlegal default of a Gemeindeordnung in place of a condition even selected. The members thatOrgans do not enjoy also for delegates of parliaments condition in accordance with guaranteed protection of the immunity and by rivet RK. The decisions of these organs can besides by the supervision of local are waived or replaced.


  • the national council and the Upper House of Parliament the legislation on federal level form Austria in Austria. On regional level the legislative force is the federal state parliament.



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