Flax field EN genuine things

coat of arms map
Wappen Leinfelden-Echterdingens Deutschlandkarte, Position von Leinfelden-Echterdingen hervorgehoben
Base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Baden-Wuerttemberg
governmental district: Stuttgart
region: Stuttgart
circle: Esslingen
kind of municipality: Large district town
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 42 ' N, 09° 09 ' O
48° 42 ' N, 09° 09 ' O
height: 432 m and. NN
surface: 29,90 km ²
inhabitants: 36.640 (31. Dec. 2004)
Population density: 1,225 inhabitants for each km ²
foreigner portion: 14.8%
postal zip code: 70745-70771
preselection: 0711
Kfz characteristics: IT
municipality keys: 08 1 16 078
city arrangement: 4 quarters
of the city administration:
Market place 1
70771 flax field EN genuine things
Website: www.leinfelden-echterdingen.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Roland Klenk (CDU)
Luftbild von Echterdingen vom 28. Januar 2005. Am oberen Bildrand ist Leinfelden zu erkennen
aerial photograph of genuine things of 28. January 2005. At the upper contour Leinfelden is to recognize

flax field EN genuine things is directly southwest a city in the center of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the state capital Stuttgart. The 1975 in the context of the municipality reform againformed city had already when its establishment more than 20,000 inhabitants. Therefore it already became with effect of the 1. July 1976 to the large district town explains. Today it is after Esslingen at the Neckar, falling the city, Nürtingen and Kirchheim under Teck the fifth-largest city of the District Esslingen and belongs to the central range Stuttgart within the upper center of the same name.

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flax field EN genuine things is on the falling the level in 342 to 495 meters height and borders in the north on the city of Stuttgart. In the west and the south the expanded forest area beautiful book as well as the filter mill valley follow .

neighbour municipalities

the following cities andMunicipalities border on the city flax field EN genuine things. They are called in the clockwise direction beginning in the north:
Stuttgart (urban area), falling the city (district Esslingen) as well as forest book, Steinenbronn, Böblingen and Sindelfingen (all district Böblingen)

city arrangement

the city of flax field EN genuine hiring consists of that4 quarters Leinfelden, genuine things, mash mountain and Stetten on the Fildern. Within Leinfeldens one differentiates still the quarters Oberaichen and Unteraichen as well as further spatially separated living places with own name, which has however only very few inhabitants. To it station Steinenbronn, bad mill, Schlösslesmühle and sea-bridge mill belongs. Also inMash mountain and Stetten is there still separate living places, i.e. donkey mill, muzzle mill and upper mill (in mash mountain) as well as cooking mill and roller mill (in Stetten). Beyond that there are the populated areas, which followed from old Weilern, in Stetten still yard and feast oh.


the cityDeveloped for flax field EN genuine things at the 1. January 1975 by union of the city Leinfelden and the municipalities genuine things, mash mountain and Stetten on the Fildern. The four municipalities have however a long history.

The place name genuine things is for the first time mentioned 1185, Stetten and mash mountain in the year 1229, Leinfelden 1269. Flax fields an office flax, to which also mash mountain and Stetten (with yard and feast oh) belong, 1524 are for the first time mentioned. Since 1557 the places belong to Württemberg. Stetten separates 1810, mash mountain 1819 from flax fields the office flax, that at that time dissolvedbecame. From now on there are four municipalities, all this together with genuine things to the office and/or. Belong to office upper office Stuttgart.

To 5. August 1908 lands Ferdinand count von Zeppelin on a test flight with its airship LZ4 on a meadow with genuine things. The airship becomes in the afternoonby a thunderstorm completely destroys.

1938 are inaugurated the countries airport genuine things. In the same year the office upper office Stuttgart is dissolved. Genuine things and Stetten on the Fildern come to the district Esslingen, Leinfelden and Musberg to the district Böblingen. 1942 become the living place pheasant yard of the municipalityGenuine things separated and into the city Stuttgart integrated.

On the airport (at that time “air base”) the KZ genuine things is as one of the numerous branch offices of the KZ Natzweiler lain in the Elsass from November 1944 until January / February 1945. This “external command “was of of the”Organization Todt “(OT) planned and furnished, over e.g. to repair the damages, which were caused by attacks of ally bomber. The white hangar (“Eskimohalle”), in that those approx. 600 Jewish forced laborer eingepfercht was, stands this very day on the “South air field” the “US-Army”. The ausgemergeltenMen dragged themselves, guarded of soldiers of the air base, to the quarries (e.g. in the Emerland when Berne living) and again back, sometimes they could go not even more and by two Mitgefangenen were drug along or in the two-wheel truck withdrawn. Mass graves due to the mörderischen conditions of the diedKZler were close to the “RAM blade” and close of the hangar on the airport.

To 26. April 1965 is raised the municipality Leinfelden to the city.

In the course of the municipality reform the city Leinfelden and the municipality mash mountain becomes (district Böblingen) as well as the municipalities genuine things and Stetten upthe Fildern (district Esslingen) to the new city flax field EN genuine things combines. The new municipality belongs to the district Esslingen.


the population of the four former municipalities of the today's city flax field EN genuine things originally belonged to the diocese Konstanz. Since the places belonged politically already early to Württemberg,starting from 1535 by duke Ulrich the reformation was introduced also here, therefore they were predominantly Protestant over centuries. In the places there are therefore Evangelist also in each case church municipalities with own churches.

The Evangelist parish church in genuine things is the oldest church in the city. To their parishbelonged originally also the places feast oh, to Leinfelden, upper and Unteraichen.1563 became Leinfelden with upper and Unteraichen branch of mash mountain. 1896 /97 were built however in Leinfelden its own church (Peter and Paul). To the municipality Leinfelden belonged then also to Unteraichen, although there an own branch church local councilexisted.1957 became Leinfelden with Unteraichen its own Pfarrei. In Unteraichen 1962 its own community center and 1974 the own Auferstehungskirche were built. Oberaichen still remained to 1964 branch of mash mountain, became then independent church municipality with own church (peace church, 1962 /64 build).

The Musberger municipality belongeduntil 1563 to the Möhringen, temporarily also to Vaihingen, then it became independent. To their parish belonged also pipe (until 1857), Leinfelden, upper and Unteraichen. After separation of the own municipalities in Leinfelden Unteraichen and Oberaichen mash mountain forms a church municipality since 1964 alone. She celebrates her servicesin the secondaryoldest church in the today's city from the year 1563 with changes of 1682.

The municipality members in Stetten on the Fildern belonged to different municipalities. Already 1304 gave it a chapel at the place. Later the place church came to Berne living, 1819 to genuine things,to feast oh already since 1296 belonged. Yard belonged likewise first to Berne living, then to mash mountain and starting from 1816 likewise to genuine things. Its own Pfarrei for Stetten was established only 1957. A church had however already built the municipality for 1935. Predecessor was in 14. Century mentioned chapel, which was in the Middle Ages a barrier travel chapel in feast oh.

All six church municipalities in the city of flax field EN genuine hiring belonged in former times to the Dekanat Stuttgart Degerloch. Into the 1970er years became Berne living (city falling the city) seat of its own Dekanats within the Evangelist regional church in Württemberg, to that allChurch municipalities in flax field EN genuine things today belong. In genuine things is also the Altpietisti community, which Liebenzeller community and Michael Hahn' community represent.

There are catholics in flax field EN genuine things only again since that 20. Century. In nearly all quarters catholic churches were built. In genuine things developed 1956the church pc. Raphael, which was raised 1968 to the Pfarrei, after 1946 a Seelsorgestelle had been already furnished. To the church municipality also Stetten belongs. In Leinfelden 1964 became the church pc. Petrus and Paulus build. Belonged to the church municipality also mash mountain, but gives it there since 1976an own church to the holy cross. Both church municipalities (genuine things and Leinfelden) form the Seelsorgeeinheit 1 within the Dekanats Esslingen Nürtingen of the diocese gang castle Stuttgart.

Beside the two large churches there is the Evangelist methodistische church in flax field EN genuine things also to free churches and municipalities , under it.

inhabitant development

The numbers are census results (¹) or official updating of the respective statistic offices (only main domiciles).

Year numbers of inhabitants
31. December 1975 34,195
31. December 1980 35,263
31. December 1985 35,031
27. May 1987 ¹ 33,694
year numbers of inhabitants
31. December 1990 34,940
31. December 1995 35.114
31. December 2000 36,026
31. December 2004 36,640

¹ census result


local council

Election results
24. October 1999 13. June 2004
a party of 1999 seats a party of 2004 seats
CDU 28.33% 8 CDU 25.90% 7
L.G. 19.87% 6 L.G. 23.11% the 6
GREENS 13.18% 3 the GREEN 18.45% 5
SPD 21.88% 6 SPD 17.90% 5
FDP/DVP 5.63% 1 FDP/DVP 6.84% 2
L.E.Bürger L.E.Bürger 4.81% 1
other 11.13% 2 other
election turnout
55.15% 54.51%

with the local council choice 2004 were selected the following persons:

  • CDU:Bernd Stäbler, Achim wine man, Jürgen also, HarrySand-let, EH Mueller Dahl, Klaus Machanek, Ralf farmer
  • free voters: Walter Vohl, Hans Huber, Karl Kizele, Hans Rainer Beck, Fritz Stäbler, Joachim Beckmann
  • Bündnis90/Die the Green: Ingrid Grischtschenko, Uwe Janssen, Hilde Mezger, franc citizen of Milan, Petra bar
  • SPD: Erich Klauser, Barbara Sinner Bartels, Claudia MOO man, franc Grafe, Gertrud Maria left
  • FDP:Wolfgang Haug, Judith Skudelny
  • L.E.Bürger: Philip Belz


at the point of the city stands the mayor selected by the population on 8 years. He is also a chairman of the local council likewise selected by the population on 5 years. It has asgeneral deputy a 1. Assigned to one with the office designation “first mayor” and a further assigning to with the office designation “mayor”.

City heads since formation of the city 1975:

coat of arms

the coat of arms of the city flax field EN genuine things shows a blue ring, in it a blue border, in gold from which a blue staff proceeds above. The city flies a flag is blue-yellow. Coats of arms and flag became by the district administration Stuttgart to 22. March 1978 lent. The coat of arms symbol is the old Echterdinger mark character, the “Sester” (a grain measure). The Blasonierung was taken from the old coat of arms Leinfeldens.

partnerships between cities

the partnership between cities of Leinfelden with Manosque in that Provence (France) was expanded after the union 1975 since the new city flax field EN genuine things. The partnership with Poltawa in the Ukraine was closed 1989 together with the neighbour cities falling the city and Ostfildern. Likewise since 1989 a partnership with York exists in Pennsylvania, the USA. With Voghera in Italy a partnership between cities exists since 2001. Since Voghera was already twin city of Manosque, these three cities form now a trilateral partnership.

culture and objects of interest


  • Komedescheuer muzzle mill (dialect theatre), among other things the well-known work becomes“Hannes and the mayors” specified.
  • TheaterLE: Swabian dialect theatre
  • theatre under the domes - musical, child theatre, dialect, play


in Leinfelden is the German play map museum, in genuine things the city museum flax field EN genuine things (in former times local history museum).


flax field EN genuine things is the homeland that“Vielharmoniker”, a Sinfonieorchesters consisting of amateurs. Under the direction of Sabine Bruns compiles it concert programs with literature of the late classical period up to the late romance. Carrier of the orchestra is the “promotion association Vielharmoniker e.V”.


important buildings in flax field EN genuine things are flax fields the house of 1570,the Evangelist church (ehem. To our love woman) high in genuine things with 52 tower meters (commencement of construction 1439), the Evangelist Peter and Paul church Leinfelden (1896/97 build), the Evangelist Dreifaltigkeitskirche mash mountain (build 1563 with net-serrate-tightness-curve and, 1682 for medieval east tower changed) and the Evangelist church Stetten (built 1935). In the Echterdinger city center also the old city hall (builds around 1500) is beside the church, which tenth-scrub, to mention the parsonage building and the Philipp Matthäus cock clock. Outside of genuine things the Zeppelinstein lies for memory of the first landing of an airship on firm soil. On thatGemarkung of flax field EN genuine things began the building of the national fair German Federal Armed Forces after a long agreement process.

regular meetings

on the third October weekend the herb celebration takes place in all quarters of flax field EN genuine things.

culinary specialities

  • falling the herb - a special kind of herb, only on thatFildern is cultivated. In the region there is still 3 herb factories, the falling the herb to completely particularly fine sauerkraut processes.
  • Deie - a thin paste soil with cream lining and herbs. The Deie e.g. becomes. with the herb celebration in the Echterdinger baking house freshly baked.

economics andInfrastructure


the national airport Stuttgart lies in the east of the city of flax field EN genuine things. The starting and runways are however on the Gemarkung of the eastern neighbour city falling the city.

To flax field EN genuine things is (since 1936) at the motorway A to 8 and because of the federal highway B 27.Their crossing (connection point Stuttgart - Degerloch, also Echterdinger egg mentioned) is the busiest crossing in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Beside Stuttgart Degerloch the city flax field EN genuine things can be attained also by means of the connection points Stuttgart Möhringen and Stuttgart airport. The federal highway 27 Stuttgart Tübingen crosses the eastern city between genuine things and the airport Stuttgart.

The connection of the city to the railway system took place 1897 via the schmalspurige falling crude ancestor from Möhringen to Neuhausen on the Fildern. This line was extended 1902 on standard gauge.

1928 became under the name beautiful book course (also filter mill valley course called) a line of Vaihingen a.d.F.over Leinfelden afterForest book inaugurated. The section from Leinfelden to forest book was already shut down 1956 again. This distance is not identical to the today's beautiful book course from Böblingen to Dettenhausen. With this measure also the normalspurige distance became the falling crude ancestor of Neuhausen on the Fildern after Vaihingen a.d.F.tied up and instead a schmalspurige distance the electrical falling crude ancestor furnished by Möhringen over Leinfelden after genuine things.

Beginning of the 1960er years this branch into the net of the Stuttgart streetcar merged with a continuous connection from Stuttgart to genuine things. With the completion of the rapid-transit railway Stuttgart 1989the section from Leinfelden was void to genuine things, but gives it since that time from Leinfelden a metropolitan railway connection to Stuttgart.

The remaining goods traffic the falling crude ancestor was given up 1983, the route is however partly used today for the rapid-transit railway.

The public local passenger traffic (ÖPNV) of flax field EN genuine hiring serve thustoday above all the lines S 2 and S 3 (Stuttgart falling the city) of the rapid-transit railway Stuttgart (stops in the city: Oberaichen, Leinfelden and genuine things) as well as the metropolitan railway - line U 5 Stuttgart Leinfelden of the Stuttgart streetcars AG (stops in the city: Flax field EN franc, Unteraichen and Leinfelden). Furthermore there are several Buslinien inCity and from the surrounding countryside. All lines are to be used for uniform prices within traffic and tariff group Stuttgart (VVS).

resident enterprise (large and medium-size enterprises)

  • fair Stuttgart GmbH (new national fair - starting from 2007)
  • Robert Bosch GmbH - division of electric power tools (power Tools)
  • Red-OF-climb AG (window construction, building fittings)
  • T-system GmbH (IT-services)
  • Clariant Germany GmbH (leather chemicals)
  • Konradin publishing house and group of media
  • of Flight Design of flight haven devices GmbH
  • airport Stuttgart GmbH
  • Carus publishing house GmbH & CO kg
  • of Carlson Wagonlit Travel (tour operator)
  • Gallion + partners GmbH/INKU Hometrend GmbH (space equipment)
  • dia. moon GmbH (glass fiber leader)
  • adhesive tape AG(Logistics center Stuttgart)
  • OBI
  • talk serrate (mega company)
  • Bertsch kg
  • bluepool AG
  • Brixner GmbH
  • Hans Joachim Dill paper pasteboard packaging means GmbH
  • EBE of electrical elements GmbH
  • Euchner GmbH & CO
  • JW. Merrily engine works GmbH
  • GSI roller-type shutter - Markisen - sun protection
  • F. Largely GmbH & cost. Kg (screwing and attachment technology)
  • HAUG GmbH & cost. KG
  • F. Kirchhoff AG (road construction)
  • Konz & shepherd development GmbH
  • Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • people and Raiffeisen banks
  • district savings banks
  • Mettler GmbH Markisen shutters roller-type shutter
  • Metz veneers
  • MHz Hachtel GmbH & cost. Kg
  • of Minol Brunata measuring technique W. Lehmann GmbH & cost. Kg
  • Patrick Pinkepank Web Publishing &more
  • Sassenscheidt ophthalmic optics
  • large baker's shop driver GmbH
  • C. Wöllhaf GastroService GmbH
  • WK LIVING facility GmbH
  • Eugen wolf metal goods factory GmbH & cost. Kg
  • WEKO far man & Konrad GmbH & cost. Kg [of 1]
  • BWM peg + mounting technique GmbH
  • Haru precision Zerspannungstechnik GmbH

u.v.m. -->


On the events of the day of flax field EN genuine hiring report as daily papers the “Stuttgart newspaper” and the “Stuttgart message”, in addition in the “Official Journal” on events within the city one reports.

public mechanisms

fire-brigades:In each quarter there is a fire-brigade department (abbott Leinfelden, abbott Genuine things, abbott Stetten, abbott Mash mountain).There are 4 Freiwillige fire-brigades in the entire city thus and furthermore three Werkfeuerwehren (Roto franc AG, Robert Bosch GmbH - electric power tools and the airport fire-brigade of the FSG Stuttgart). The 4 fire-brigade departments form together [total resistance flax field EN genuine things]. With Grossalalarmen (z. B. Fire 3) gives it quarter-spreadingDisengaging plans. In addition a danger property course of the district is stationed in flax field EN genuine things. This is used with chemical, biological and atomic danger. City fire chief: Furthermore Werner

Kuttler flax field EN genuine things has an indoor swimming pool, public libraries, a police post and a notary's office.


in flax field EN genuine things gives it to two High Schools (Immanuel Kant and Philipp Matthäus cock High School), a six-form high school (Immanuel Kant six-form high school Leinfelden), a promotion school (Ludwig UHL and school Leinfelden) three reason and hauptschule with work six-form high school (Lindachschule Stetten, Ludwig UHL and school Leinfelden and Zeppelinschule genuine things) as well as three primary schools (calibration mountain school mash mountain, gold meadow school genuine things and beautiful book school Leinfelden).

Since 1979 a center of the musical out exists with school of musicand further training in the city. The school offers courses in classical period, jazz or Pop as well as singing and instrument valley instruction.


persons, who stand with the city in connection

for Philipp matte house cock were 1781 to 1790 ministers in genuine things, and workedat the same time as important astronomer and Uhrmacher.


  • city encyclopedia flax field EN genuine things
  • Manuel Werner: Power and faint of juvenile Air Force aids - an example of the air base and KZ Echterdingen/Filder, in: National center for political education Baden-Wuerttemberg/educator committee of the society for Christian-Jewish co-operation Stuttgart (Hrsg.): By fascination to power- the fascination of power. Components to the relationship of power and manipulation. Helps for instruction, Stuttgart 2003.

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