borders of all sizes in a shoemaker workshop

of the borders is a shaped part made of wood, plastic or metal, which are needed for the building of a shoe.

So that the shoe exhibits a good passport form later, form-giving borders in accordance with the outside form of the foot or, with boots also partially to the form of the calf accordingly one adapts. Furthermore during the shaping of carrying out the shoe model and the form of the shoe point (Karree, rounded etc.) are considered.

The shoe is built around the borders around: The interior sole of the shoe under carrying out is only fastened, pulled then shoe upper section (“shank”) over the borders (“pinched”) and to the interior sole fastens, before the actual run sole is attached. To that extent is the borders the relevant tool of the shoe production, in order to give to the shoe its later form.

One differentiates the borders for the Konfektionsschuh or boots of that of the orthopedic shoe and that of the measure shoe.

Before the quantity production of a new shoe the borders first after two-dimensional contour templates so mentioned (on paper sheets) from wood one makes. This serves then as basis for the borders from plastic, used in the mass production, and also as basis for grading into other shoe lengths and - widen. The orthopedic shoe or boot is made after medical regulation for the patient foot concerned individually by the Orthopädieschuhmacher. In addition it requires a Gipsmodells and special borders formed after it. The measure shoemaker seizes the foot mass (lengths, widths, heights, extent and lets make thereafter carrying out of border farmer from wood, which he by Abraspeln and - file, or by glued on leather editions to still after-correct is able.


  • it gives at least in the German linguistic usage the idiom: A shoemaker remain when your carrying out. This means to protect the sense of reality and not involve themselves into utopian conceptions. Further it is also an admonishment to respect the borders of the own specialized authority and not judge of things, about which one does not understand anything.


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With a detailed chapter to the shoe production and the problem approximately around the building of borders.

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