Guidance clay/tone

a guidance clay/tone is within a scale an unstable clay/tone, of which the strong impression of the sound are mediated, dissolved to a sturdier clay/tone to have. Usually this is the last clay/tone of the scale, which, upward led, back into the basic clay/tone leads.

More exactly regarded, is insuch guidance clay/tone a Nebenton of a heptatonischen scale, for which in small sec. and distance to a main clay/tone of the scale (basic clay/tone, third or Quinte) stands. The close interval causes the prop effect from (unstable) the Nebenton to (stable) the main clay/tone.

Furthermore one differentiates between upward and downward-arranged guidance tones, orin this case better: between two kinds of prop tones. Usually an upward-arranged prop clay/tone is meant with guidance clay/tone. The downward-arranged prop tones one calls however also sliding or (to the better distinction) as if slides e sounds. For emergence and for the treatment of the guidance tones have substantiallythe conclusion clauses of the polyphonischen music contributed.

The most important guidance clay/tone in the Dur Moll system is the initially mentioned guidance clay/tone to the basic clay/tone, D. h. the sieved stage of the Durtonleiter or the increased sieved stage of the Molltonleiter. Important sliding tones however are in Dur the fourth stage, downward inthe third strives, in Moll the sixth stage, which strives downward into the Quinte. The following examples show the guidance tones of the C major scale and the harmonious A-Moll-scale (main tones are squarely, prop tones triangular represented):

Leittöne der Durskala

Leittöne der harmonischen Mollskala

After the harmony teachings guidance tones and sliding tones are to be always dissolved after their prop effect. Soz would have. B. in the kind of clay/tone C major after the clay/tone sequence C - h again the clay/tone C follow, during on the clay/tone sequence g - f the clay/tone e to follow would have (see the following example). The prop effect is independent therefore of the melodischen process:

Beispiele für Leittonauflösung in C-Dur

The treatment thatGuidance tones in the kinds of church clay/tone and/or. in the jazz music is however different from stated the here.


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