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Stadtwappen von Lemgo Deutschlandkarte, Position von Lemgo hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: North Rhine-Westphalia
governmental district: Detmold
circle: Lip
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 52° 1 ' N 8° 54 ' O
52° 1 ' N 8° 54 ' O
height: 83-347 m and. NN
surface: 100.86 km ²
inhabitants: 42.602 (31. December 2005)
Population density: 422 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 32657
preselection: 05261
Kfz characteristics: LIP
municipality key: 05 7 66 044
city arrangement: 14 local parts
of the city administration:
Market place 1
32657 Lemgo
Website: www.lemgo.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Dr. Pure oyster man (CDU)

Lemgo [ˈlɛmɡoː] a middle city circle-belonging is belonged in North Rhine-Westphalia in the governmental district Detmold (east Westphalia lip) and to the circle lip.

Table of contents


city arrangement

beside the town centerbelong the following local parts to Lemgo:

  • Brake
  • Brüntorf
  • Entrup
  • Hörstmar
  • Leese
  • Lieme
  • Lüerdissen
  • Matorf Kirchheide
  • Trophagen
  • Vossheide
  • Wahmbeck
  • Welstorf
  • Wiembeck


Lemgo became around 1190 of Bernhard II.based and was because of his situation at the crossover of two important trade routes of the Middle Ages for long timethe largest and most important city Lippes and came by its affiliation to the Hanse to substantial prosperity. 1527 crossed the prince to the Evangelist-reformed confession, so that into lip according to the principle cuius regio, eius religio the reformation was inserted. The lock lain outside of the cityBrake became 1584 residence of the counts the lip. The city became in the outgoing Middle Ages because of witch pursuit and - burn, which experienced its high point for the term of office of the mayor Hermann Cothmann (1667-1683), when „witch nest tituliert “.

Maria Rampendahl was the last as a witch accused woman inLemgo 1681.

The dreissigjährige war added Lemgo by quartering and Kontributionsleistungen badly. Only in 19. Century recovered the community again. The increase in the population after the Second World War caused a further social and structural upward trend.

Witch mayor house
city hall
Schloss Brake
lock Brake


town councillor

(conditions: Local election to 26. September 2004)

partnerships between cities

work on []

Culture and objects of interest

receiving the total character concerning town construction with the precious certifications remained from the time of the Renaissance, because Lemgo was exempted in the Second World War from bombs.


  • „the urban museum witch mayor house” showed to a few years ago some torture instruments outthe time of witch pursuit. Until at the end of of 2005 is documented the history as well as in the years 1998-2004 the reorganization of the witch mayor house in the exhibition, taken place, „BUET TO THIS STEDE A0 1571”.
  • „Museum Junkerhaus Lemgo”
  • „oil mill and mill museum”: Functional Wassermühle
  • „the Weser Renaissance museum lock Brake” shows examplesfrom art and culture at present the Weser Renaissance.
  • „The urban gallery house oak Mueller” shows drawing of a bill with works of contemporary artists.


  • the witch mayor house with a front in styles of the Weser Renaissance from the year 1571
  • into the UNESCO - list of the works of art ofEuropean rank taken up city hall in styles of the Weser Renaissance
  • the churches: Pc. Nicolai (13. Jh.), pc. Marien (12. /13. Jh.), pc. Johann („the stump tower “of 1398 with a bell is outside of the town center)
  • the old person abbey from that 16. Century, in 18. Century converted
  • thatLock Brake (outside of the city center) became end 16. Century of the lippischen count Simon VI. to a representative surge tank developed. It is at the former location of one of the largest high-medieval castles of Westphalia.
  • The Junkerhaus, a work of the artist Karl Junker provided with numerous artful Schnitzereienfrom the year 1891
  • the building house mansion Klessmann sketched by Ernst Pethig is the only example of building house - architecture in Lemgo and environment.


the city is supraregional and internationally well-known by the successful hand ball crew TBV Lemgo.

regular meetings

  • of everyoneYear in the summer is aligned the Lemgoer „Sommertreff”. The offer „in vain and outside” meetings taking place on the historical market place covers and. A. Road theatre and - art, Kabarett and live music of most diverse kind.
  • Around Nikolaus (of first Thursday in December up to the following Sunday) that finds annualPeople celebration „Klä” instead of. It is the largest Weihnachtsmarkt in the region and offers beside a kilometer-long Budenstrecke also a multiplicity of current roundabouts and culinary delicious.

culinary specialities

  • Lemgoer straw roll: The Lemgoer straw roll is a culinary characteristic. It is considered as the most well-known pastry Lippes. If one follows an old excessive quantity, the prescription of an unknown soldier, after lip was brought to an baker-associated. This is to have participated in the Napoleoni war in Russia. There it is to have baked the rolls as supplying the troop. The pieces of yeast dough become older - afterRussian custom - before baking practice-hereditaryrests, which ensures a long durability. Are baked the rolls on a layer rye straw, which causes its unmistakable examination on the lower surface. Straw rolls are sold by Lemgoer baker masters until North America. Nationaltypical editions are the lippische Metz sausage, ham,Cheese, honey, jam, carrot herb or butter purely. Best one enjoys the Lemgoer straw roll furnace warm.
  • Lemgoer beer breaker: Smoked raw sausage, freshly or depended.

Likewise it is to be mentioned that the “Lippi contactors”, in Lemgo one manufactured. Contents of the form bottle are Wacholder 32%vol. and became ofthe liquor company Schöttker in Lemgo manufactured.

economics and infrastructure


resident enterprise

  • Zumtobel Staff as manufacturers of high-quality lighting installations
  • Brasseler as manufacturers of Dentalinstrumenten
  • Isringhausen GmbH & CO kg as manufacturers of the ISRI driver's seats for truck, penalty and commercial motor vehicles
  • Brandt edge technology GmbH as manufacturers of high-quality Kantenanleimmaschinen forthe handicraft
  • heating-plant construction Möller, planning and assembly of fireproof plants


  • at present only local newspaper in the circle lip is the Lippi national newspaper.
  • At the end of of 2003 Lippi round-look adjusted.
  • Radio lip sends local message from the circle lip.
  • Radio Triquency is thatCampusradio of the professional school lip and Höxter and has its Hauptsendestudio in Lemgo. It supplies the region with messages about university and current contributions from the region.

public mechanisms


of sons and daughters of the city

Further personalities

the following personalities do not come native from Lemgo, however in the city worked:


  • Dietrich Ellger and Karl Eugen Mummenhoff (Hrg.), public curator of Westphalia lip, building and art monuments of Westphalia, city Lemgo (49. Volume, part of I), Münster 1983, ISBN 3-402-05049-8
  • Westfäli city Atlas; Volume II; 8. Volume. On behalf of the historical commission for Westphalia and with support of the landscape federation Westphalia lip, hrsg. by Heinz Stoob † and Wilfried Ehbrecht. City briefcase Lemgo, author: Heinz Stoob, Dortmund/Altenbeken 1981. ISBN 3-89115-351-1
  • Karl Meier, History of the city Lemgo, Lemgo 1962

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