Lennie Tristano

Lennie Tristano (* 19. March 1919 in Chicago; † 18. November 1978 in New York town center; actually Leonard Joseph Tristano) was an US-American jazz musician (pianist and composer).

Its style is particularly interesting regarding its kind of playing and into one another of weaving up to three independent clocks.

The Tristano gone blind in its childhood was into the 1940er years of one the Wegbereiter and coining/shaping personalities of the cool jazz. It became however also 1949, particularly by the pieces of Digression and intuition a Wegbereiter of the Bebop and Free jazz.

1946 came Tristano to New York, where he played with many musicians together, among other things with Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. It created end of the 40's a Sextett, that among other things the tenor saxophonist warns march, which belonged to guitarist Billy farmer and the old saxophonist Lee Konitz.

1951 created Tristano in New York a jazz school, first of their kind. 1956 it excluded the school and informed from Long Iceland. Sessions and photographs became rarely.

1965 made a route for Tristano by Europe.

Lennie Tristano has a daughter, Carol Tristano, the Schlagzeug plays.


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