Leon Spinks

Leon Spinks
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birth name Leon Spinks
weight class heavyweight
nationality US-American
birthday 11. July 1953
place of birth Saint Louis
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.85 m
combat statistics
of fights of 46
victories 26
KO of victories 14
defeats 17
undecided 3
no valuation

“neon” Leon Spinks (* 11. July 1953 in Saint Louis Missouri) is a former US-American Boxer.

Leon Spinks won like its brother Michael Spinks 1976 olympic gold. As a professional needed only seven professional fights, (which it did not win times all, against Scott Le Doux boxed it) around a WM-fight to keep undecided. That is unusually however no record, because Pete Rademacher gave its professional debut against Floyd Patterson in a title fight.

To 28. February 1978 it boxed against Muhammed Ali and got themselves surprisingly the WBA and WBC belt. Ali had predominance and took Spinks in the apron of the fight not seriously; in the fight he tried his Rope A dope tactics, but Spinks became not tired and won at the end to points. That is the fastest title gain of heavyweight history (not however in professional boxes at all).

The WBC - Federation insisted now on the fact that it was to defend first against Ken Norton, but it granted dear Ali a back fight of the WBA - to version to 15. September, which proved as fatal errors.

The WBC belt Norton awarded and in such a way boxed it only around the WBA crown, which recovered Ali, because Spinks had celebrated too much now.

In the next fight it went against Gerrie Coetzee in the first round of cost.

KO-victories against Alfredo Evangelista (repeated WM challenger) and the good Puncher Bernardo Mercado bracheten it enough respect around 1981 Larry of cross-beam to provoke to be able. It did not have a chance and went in the third round of cost. (Its brother Michael made it later better and defeated cross-beam).

From now on it went against Cruisergewichtler such as Carlo de Leon and Dwight Qawi of cost.

It terminated its professional career finally 1995.

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