Leon Théry

Leon Théry (* 16. April 1879, † 8. March 1909) was a French running driver.

Théry came at the beginning of as mechanics with the engine haven into contact, sat down behind the steering wheel, its first appearance was however already running Paris Bordeaux 1899. Until 1903 it obtained respectable results, but no results of point on Decauville. This changed 1904 with the change to the team of Richard Brasier.

It hardly understood it like second to set on Konstanz in place of waghalsiger speed. When Gordon Bennett running 1904 the Zeitunterschied between its fastest and its slowest round amounted to straight three minutes - with a route distance of 128km a gloss achievement. So it could this running win and when Gordon Bennett running 1905 its victory repeat.

As other running drivers of its epoch it, its own mark tried to place on the legs, the car “Théry” came however over the project phase never outside. With the GP of France 1908 one saw it again to tax of a Richard Brasiers, it separated however. This running was the last one of its career, because 1909 he deceased to 29-jährig at Tuberkulose.


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