Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin (* 18. December 1950 in New York) is a well-known US-American film critic and special book author.

Already at the age of 15 years Maltin began a cooperation at the magazine film fan Monthly. After journalist training at the university of New York published Maltin film article in different magazines, newspapers and journals, under it the well-known magazines Variety and TV Guide and made itself soon a name as an excellent film critic.

As an author Maltin at the most well-known by its manual Leonard Maltin's Movie and video Guide became, which is updated since constantly 1969 with film summaries and discussions. In addition it wrote books concerning the film art (Behind the Camera, The Whole film Sourcebook, Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia and OF Mice and Magic: A History OF American Animated Cartoons (German expenditure in the bibliography down)).

Since the 1980-he 1980 Maltin is to be seen regularly as film critics in the US-American transmission Entertainment Tonight and be heard also in its own radio program (Leonard Maltin on video). Together with the bad toners Filmkritikerin Joyce Kulhawik it moderates also the television broadcast Hot ticket.

In the center of the 1990er-Jahre Maltin president of Los Angeles the film Critics Association and belonged to the supervisory board „of the Hollywood Entertainment museum “. For nearly one decade Maltin is active also as teachers at „the new School for Social Research “in New York and teaches at present also at „the School OF Cinema Television “at the University OF Southern California.


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