Leonardo Leo

Leonardo Leo (* 1694 (after Piccinni 1701) to Neapel; † 1756) were an Italian composer of the baroque.

It studied Turchíni in Neapel as well as with Piloni in Rome at the conservatoire della pietà de' and lived then from 1717 toits death in the year 1756 ( 1742 or 1743, like Burney and Piccinni do not indicate) as Kirchenkapellmeister and a director of the conservatoire Sant' Onofrio in its father city.

As one of the excellent masters of the neapolitanischen school Leo was distinguished in all kinds of the composition and equally largein the passionate one and raised one as in the naive one, tender one and joke clinging.

Also as teachers Leo with largest success worked; to its pupils belonged under other Pergolese, Iomelli and Piccinni.

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as its excellent works are to call

  • the operas:
    • Sofonisba (1719),
    • Ollimpiade,
    • La clemenza di Tito (1735) and
    • Achille in Sciro (around 1743);
  • the two Oratorien:
    • Santa Elena and
    • La morte d'Abele,
  • from its pieces of church his
    • Ave Maria and
    • Miserere.

The latter draws in particular by depththe expression as well as by artful harmonious and kontrapunktische work out.


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