Leonhard Kohl von Kohlenegg

Leonhard Kohl von Kohlenegg (* 13. December 1834 in Vienna; † 1. May 1875 in Saalfeld/Saale (Thuringia)) were a Austrian writer and actor.


the son of the painter Lorenz Kohl von Kohlenegg is a military career to hit, can however in the family to become generally accepted and may to the theatre. 1848 it debutiert as an actor at a theatre in Vienna.

1860, with 26 years he gets a commitment at the Thaliatheater in Hamburg and 1861 goes he for one year to the yard theatre to Stuttgart. 1862 it is gotten not only as an actor but also as a director to the city theatre in Mainz. Starting from 1867 Kohl von Kohlenegg undertakes many tours; among other things to Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna and king mountain. On these tours the first own pieces can successfully be already played.

In its hometown Vienna, to which Kohl von Kohlenegg returns again and again gladly, it is predominantly literary active. It uses repeatedly also the alias Poly Henrion.

For short time it is 1872 editor of the Dresdener press.

Leonhard Kohl von Kohlenegg is the father of Viktor of Kohlenegg.

At the 1. May 1875 dies Leonhard Kohl von Kohlenegg in hall field (Thuringia).


  • Brididi (1870)
  • for nervous women (1870)
  • Geheirathet (1865)
  • into the Bastille (1862)
  • chamber elections Indiscretionen over large people (
  • 1872), small in the Carneval (1863)
  • , the queen is falls in love (1857)
  • the dear diplomats (1880)
  • my memoirs (1862)
  • modern trend sirens (1871)
  • an innocent diplomat (1864)

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